10 Reasons Why You Should Not Vote Republican

by LBWilliams –


Right now Congress has an approval rating of 14%.

That means that 86% percent are unhappy with the way that our Republican led Congress votes on issue that are important to them. What really confuses me is why many Americans will vote their congressional representatives into office AGAIN. As they say, the definition of crazy is to repeatedly do the same thing and expect different results.  Here are 10 things that you can look forward to if you reelect my opponent, Rep. Rich Nugent and other Republicans who vote for Big Business, Big Energy are anti-women, anti-education and anti-environment.

1. They think corporations should pay little or no tax while you pay more.

2. They think cutting taxes on the wealthy is more important than providing a social safety net for the poor which include families, seniors and veterans.

3. They have no problem funding wars but they don’t feel it’s necessary to make sure that veterans are taken care of when they come home.

4. They cut funding for education while subsidizing private and charter schools.

5. They think reducing regulations on big banks is good for the economy.

6. They think that redistricting and other methods of voter suppression is a good idea.

7. They think that $7.25 is a living wage and that if you earn minimum wage it’s because you are lazy and really don’t want to work hard.

8. They think that if you are unemployed it’s because you want to be.

9. They think that they deserve $196 an hour while you don’t deserve $10 an hour.

1o. They continually bash the Affordable Care Act even though the FACTS say that it is working and they would rather see the people of their states go without adequate health care than adopt the program.

You can make a change!

Use your vote this November to get rid of the 86%. We need to bring America back to the people. The people who are affected by issues such as health care, veteran support, social security, education, job creation, taxes and more.

We need to get back to building a strong America not placating Big Business and Big Banks. We need to rebuild the middle class and not reduce taxes on the wealthy. We need to use FACTS not OPINIONS to decide how we will vote on issues.

Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos