13-Year-Old Hilariously Lampoons The Donald In Awesome Viral Video

Plenty of people have a problem with Donald Trump, and with good reason. After all, he has said that all Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals, he has angered even his right-wing pals to the point of being uninvited from Red State after insinuating that Megyn Kelly asked him tough debate questions because she was menstruating, and said that President Barack Obama is at fault for the problems in the black community.

The Donald has also been taken to task for these remarks plenty of times, but it seems that he’s made of Teflon, and just keeps rising in the polls thanks to the GOP’s bigoted base, whose members absolutely love what he has to say. Well, none of those people who have challenged Trump can come close to 13-year-old YouTube sensation Molly Bergman.

In a hysterical video called Dear Mr. Trump, Bergman lampoons Trump, calling him out on everything from the too-hot-for-TV photos his high class ho wife took and how that would look for the country if she were the First Lady, to his despicable misogynistic comments about women. For reference, in case you are unfamiliar with the photos, here’s a compilation:



The young star-in-the-making didn’t stop there, either. She kept going, and dragged up just about every horrible thing Donald Trump has said or done during his embarrassing clown show of a campaign, and gave anyone watching with half a brain every reason to not support this xenophobic, misogynist buffoon for president. Watch out, Mr. Trump, it seems you may have met your match, and it is in the form of a bright, feisty, well-informed teenager who has learned more in her thirteen years than you have in all the time you’ve been out making your billions.

Young Ms. Bergman, keep up the good work. You definitely have a great career in music ahead of you, or, hell, better yet, politics. That’s definitely more than Donald Trump has ever or will ever accomplish. Well done.

Watch the hilarity below:

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info



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