A Modest Proposal to Help the GOP Use Benghazi

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As many of us are aware, the Republican Party is once again trying to use the Benghazi terrorist attack on the US Embassy as a political tool to attack President Obama, and perhaps even potential-President Hillary Clinton.

A lot of coverage here has focused on how Republicans have returned to Benghazi as an issue, mostly because their initial flagship issue, Obamacare, is no longer a viable political vehicle. Personally, I do not see much wisdom in this, but clearly the ones in office are better suited for these types of decisions than a lowly blogger such as myself. But I digress.

The problem with focusing solely on this, however, is that it makes the Obama administration, or Democrats in general, look like they are hiding something when it comes to Benghazi.

Given this, I think we should take a moment to consider if there is any merit to this whole Benghazi affair.

For the moment, let’s give Darrell Issa and the rest of the Republican contingent the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume they do sincerely want to determine if there was an Obama administration cover up, and if any crimes were committed. Let’s assume it is purely for the sake of the American people, and has nothing to do with politics whatsoever.

If this is indeed the case, then I have a simple suggestion that would allow the Republican Party to get everything they want out of the Benghazi issue.

They can investigate for as long and as deep as they want on Benghazi, whether or not there was a cover up by White House officials, and whether or not any of them committed a crime; at the same time they can avoid the accusations of basing this investigation purely on politics.

At the same time, this suggestion would allow Democrats to avoid looking like they have anything to hide, as they will now have a reason to participate fully in the investigations.


This is my modest proposal to help Congress on Benghazi:

Open a parallel investigation into the Bush administration’s 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Congressional Democrats should agree to the Benghazi investigations as long as a similar investigation is undertaken in regards to the Bush administration’s testimony and reports in relation to the Iraq invasion.

Like Issa and other Republican’s views on Benghazi, there are some serious doubts as to the integrity of the Bush administration’s handling of the justifications for the war.

It was largely based on information from Bush administration officials testifying to Congress, and to the American people. There are still questions of whether or not any of them knowingly provided false information to suit their own agenda.

And if any of that false information directly led to the loss of American lives, or to the takers of those lives escaping justice, then of course that testimony should be thoroughly investigated.

Compared to Benghazi, where 4 people honorably serving America died, looking at the Iraq war, which has led to at least 1000 times as many of the same deaths, Issa should be at least as proportionally outraged. Like Issa claims, I do not want the people responsible for the loss of American lives to get away unpunished.

And if Congressional Republicans believe they have a sworn duty to determine whether or not any government officials committed a crime in relation to Benghazi, then there is no reason for them to ignore that same duty when it comes to any other issue, such as the invasion of Iraq. And in fact, Congressional Democrats would have every reason to do the same. Especially if it is also in relation to international law, which the US has agreed to abide by and would directly affect our standing with the rest of the world.

Even if Republicans are pushing Benghazi purely for political reasons, as many critics on the Left argue, then they should still arguably be in favor or investigating the Iraq War, which might actually be popular with the American public. That is, so long as the evidence against the Obama administration on Benghazi outweighs the evidence against the Bush administration on Iraq. But even in the incredibly unlikely scenario where that is NOT the case, they would still be serving the American public, which is what they claim to be going for after all.

Regardless of how I feel on the likelihood of such events, if there has indeed been cover ups and criminal actions by members of the Obama administration, and proof of it surfaces by whatever means, then I would want them to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, just as I would with any other criminal. To feel differently just because of the perpetrators’ political affiliations or official capacities would be a betrayal, not just to my integrity, but also to the honor and well-being of all my fellow Americans with whom I share this great society. I do not think our democratically-elected representatives, Republican, Democrat, Congressional, or otherwise, should feel or act any less in this conviction.

If Congressional Republicans-no, Congressional politicians of any party-want to reverse their lowest approval ratings in decades, want to reclaim any affirmations they have of integrity and truly serving the interests of the American people, then they should look at Benghazi as an opportunity.

Not to win political points or damage the other party, but as an opportunity to right one of this century’s most grotesque wrongs.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos

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