A Sad, Needy, Little Man

by joe quigley –

IMAG0921_-_Copy.JPGDonald Trump has to measure up to the big boys. It is important to him. He needs it.

He isn’t his father, the man he wants to be just like, and his need to compensate, or even prove himself to his dead father is palpable.

His name has to be huge on his buildings. Not only must it be seen from a great distance by the living, but it has to be seen by the dead.

He insisted during one Republican Candidate Debate that his penis was the biggest of the bunch. He even had to make sure that people remembered that by calling Marco Rubio ”Little Marco” so he could continually, albeit indirectly, remind people of his  own claimed endowment.

He wants people to know, or at least think they know that.

At the G7 Summit he needed to push his way to the front, even doing so physically and without subtlety, and while he said Hillary Clinton did not have the stamina to be president, even though he had to send Ivanka to a meeting in his stead because he was exhausted, while as the other heads of state walked through Taromina, Italy, he had to be driven behind them in a golf cart.

He will say it was because people as important as he should not have to walk, but we all know it was because he was exhausted.

Then because it was obvious his interest in the environment was being seen and spoken of as deficient, he had to prove that of all the G7 people his was the greatest interest, so he told a lie, as if that lie could not be checked.

President Trump, told G7 attendees,

“The environment is very, very important to me, Donald Trump.”

To give weight to this, he went on to tell them that he had received environmental awards.

But the record shows he has won no such awards.

At least once before he has made this claim,

“I’ve won many environmental awards, by the way. I’ve actually been called an environmentalist, if you can believe that.”

You can’t, so don’t.

He lied to the other G7 members, and they will learn of the lie as soon as they look into it. And, you know thy will.

He embarrasses the country again in his neediness.

He is a climate change denier who has appointed fossil fuel lobbyists to his administration and has claimed that climate change is a self-serving “Chinese Hoax”.

He is cutting environmental programs and regulations to favor corporations over the health of the people.

He is doing what he can to end the United States’ clean energy program and has said many times he will withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement while slashing every environmental protection regulation he can get his hands on.

Since he makes things up to puff up his credentials and image to impress the other world leaders, perhaps they can use the pressure of letting him be their friend to get him to stay with the Paris Agreement and work harder on the environment.

I taught middle school a number of years.

I often wonder if he ever had lunch with the other kids, or if he was the one who always ate alone, not by his choice, but that of all the other kids.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos