About That “Big Surprise” Trump is Hinting at…

by xaxnar –

Talking Points Memo (and others, of course) picked up on Trump’s teaser

“Just to do a little official business, health care is working along very well,” Trump said during a meet and greet with the Chicago Cubs in the White House. “We could have a big surprise with a great health care package. So now they’re happy,” he added in an aside to the team, gesturing at the reporters.

“What do you mean by big surprise, sir?” one reporter called.

“I said you’re going to have a great, great surprise. It’s going to be great,” Trump said.

He did not offer any further details, and joked about taking his meeting with the team behind closed doors.

This is what Trump does, playing the media for suckers. He’s got nothing. The Senate TrumpCare bill, AKA Medicaid Repeal and Replace with Tax Cuts for the Rich, is stalled at the moment. (McConnell has to figure out how to buy off the hold-outs.) So, he just throws this tidbit out and refuses to add anything more. It’s just bullshit to put everyone off-balance while he regroups.

It could be something. It could be nothing. He could tell us tomorrow, in two weeks, maybe never. It gives McConnell cover while he scrambles, and more important, puts the cameras back on Trump. Because it always has to be about Trump. If something happens he can call a win, he’ll take credit for it. If nothing happens, he’ll throw something else out, or deny he ever promised anything. It’s how he rolls.

Just once I’d like to hear a news person avoid the breathless speculation over “What could it possibly be?” and just call it what it is: bull from the bullshitter in chief, until proven otherwise. That ought to be S.O.P. for everything coming out of Trump’s pie hole. There’s nothing normal about Trump, and it’s a mistake to try to normalize this.

Meanwhile, as the media is trying to pin Trump down on this, they won’t be looking at all the other stuff going down. SQUIRREL!


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos