About Us

All-len-All was born in basements of hundreds of mothers scattered across the globe by Keith Lennox. That is until none of them would feed him anymore and he had to take matters into his own hands and get this site up on his own.

The inception of the site took place in June of 2013 and the first blog was posted the following month. Since then it has seen rapid growth and gained numerous followers from all over the world. We present stories and blogs covering most aspects of life including politics, entertainment, and news. It is a center to left leaning site that strives to provide readers with a well rounded trip whenever they visit , including up to date news, biting humor by our resident satire guru, Nick Vanocur, and articles related to the music, entertainment, health, and home. It also hosts a chat room for folks to hang out in and have civil discourse on events of the day or, if they choose, just chew the fat.

We aim to bring you the most noteworthy news stories of the day and at the same time keep you entertained with fascinating, educational, and humorous blogs.

All-len-All, that sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

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