Alabama Gov. Bentley Expected to Resign this Week to Avoid Felony Charges

by Laura Clawson –

The sordid saga of Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley appears to be coming to an end … at least the governor part.

Sources in Montgomery say his lawyers have been involved in negotiations to step down from the governorship and plead to lesser charges, allowing Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey to step up as governor.

Sources believe he will resign the governorship by Wednesday. […]

The Alabama Ethics Commission last week found reason to believe he committed four crimes, all of them felonies.

If he agrees to a deal it is thought he will have to plead to at least a misdemeanor.

And with details like this coming out, Wednesday probably can’t come soon enough for the state of Alabama:

Later that evening, Mason told people in a Washington, D.C. bar that Gov. Bentley had opened the hotel room door to hotel staff while wearing only boxer shorts, expecting Mason to be on the other side.

Nothing hotel staff haven’t seen before, I’m sure, but it still calls for some brain bleach. Even more disturbing than all the reports of boxer shorts and Mason leaving Bentley’s office “with her hair tousled and her clothing in disarray,” though, is the fact that Bentley wanted to use his power to order the arrest of people with incriminating recordings of him.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos