And This Year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees Are



Nirvana circa 1992

This year’s crop of nominees for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio have been announced. In the running this time around is Nirvana, Kiss, N.W.A. and solo artists Peter Gabriel, LL Cool J, Linda Ronstadt and Cat Stevens are among the 16 nominees .  They are joined by Hall and Oates, the Replacements, Deep Purple, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Link Wray, the Meters, Chic, Yes, and the Zombies.

The first thing that jumped off of the page when I read this story was the fact that Deep Purple were not already in the Hall. Say what? This can’t be. Surely, someone has made a glaring mistake. This is a band that has sold over 100 million albums worldwide and are responsible for one of the defining albums of a generation, Machine Head. I recall going to a party as a teenager just after it’s release and spinning it from side to side all night long. Literally, it was the only album we played for the entire evening. Although I lost my taste for Smoke on the Water, I still love that album and will always have an affinity for songs like, Highway Star, Space Truckin’ and Never Before. This travesty must be rectified in 2014 and Deep Purple must be placed in the Hall forthwith.


Another name that jumped out at me was the Zombies. I hadn’t thought of them in years and instantly recalled a bittersweet song called, She’s Not There and the beyond haunting, Time of the Season. I YouTubed them both and re-fell in love with them all over again. I will leave a link to them at the end of my piece. I encourage all readers to listen to them because they are something of a gem from 49 years ago. They probably don’t have the volume of work to get into the Hall of Fame but damn, the Zombies were a great band. So melodic.


We all know in our heart of hearts that Nirvana will get in on the first ballot. How could they not. 80 million in record sales, grass root rock movement, killer songwriter and an anthem for disenfranchised youth, Smells Like Teen Spirit (which was actually titled after an underarm deodorant).


Also getting the nod, Kiss… meh!!!! I don’t quite get that but then again I have been called a music snob before by a very close friend, not as an insult, I don’t think, but she was just calling a spade a spade. At least I very much hope so… jesus, now I’m starting to think… maybe I got backhanded and didn’t even know it.


Enjoy the Zombies.  They are truly is well worth a listen.