Anti-Choicers Embarrassed By Planned Parenthood Hearing, Call It ‘GOP Freak Show’


On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards appeared before the House Oversight Committee. The committee is investigating Planned Parenthood in connection with a series of sting videos that allege the group illegally sold fetal body parts. (That allegation is not supported by the videos or other factual evidence.)

The hearing today started with a tearful speech by Chairman Jason Chaffetz, in which he appeared to blame his mother’s death on Planned Parenthood. Chaffetz argued that federal money granted to Planned Parenthood should be spent on cancer research instead.

When Richards began to testify, she was repeatedly interrupted by Chaffetz and other Republican men on the committee. Here’s a short clip from the Chaffetz Q&A:

Richards, as to be expected, dismissed the hearing as another “baseless attack on reproductive health care.”

But, even among Planned Parenthood’s fiercest critics, the hearing was not received well. Pro-life conservatives blasted the spectacle on Twitter. The editors of several prominent anti-abortion publications said the questioners were unprepared, incompetent and embarrassing.

Townhall editor and Fox News pundit Guy Benson:

Guy Benson

Reading poor reviews of GOP panelists’ questions in Planned Parenthood hearing. Ill-prepared & uncoordinated. Inexcusable.
12:43 PM – 29 Sep 2015

Federalist co-founder Sean Davis:

Sean Davis @seanmdav

Can you imagine if this band of incompetent morons had been in charge of prosecuting the Nuremberg trials? My goodness what a farce.

American Spectator digital editor Emily Zanotti:

Emily Zanotti @emzanotti

Say what you want, this GOP freak show of a Planned Parenthood hearing is embarrassing. Can we have actual experts testify, please?

If Zanotti is looking for a detailed investigation of the controversy, one was produced yesterday by the Attorney General of Missouri. After reviewing 3500 pages of documentation and conducting in person interviews, the Attorney General found “no evidence that [Planned Parenthood] has engaged in unlawful disposal of fetal organs or tissue.”


Reprinted with permission from Think Progress, a branch of The Center for American Progress