Anti-Gay Bigotry Is Backfiring: Poll Finds Gay People More Popular Than Evangelicals

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Who is more popular, gay people who want to marry the ones they love, or evangelical Christians who want discriminate against the ones they hate? Increasingly, American voters are choosing love.

Despite all the vitriol surrounding the gay rights movement, a new poll suggests Americans are warming to the idea of equality, while finding very little to approve of coming from the evangelical camp. Commissioned by the Human Rights Campaign, the poll asked likely 2016 voters about their feelings towards various groups. Surprisingly, they found increasing gay acceptance, even from people with backgrounds not always known for welcoming homosexuality like Catholics and seniors. On the flip side, these same voters seem to be tiring of evangelical Christians.

As U.S. News summarized:

53 percent of respondents held a favorable view of gay people, while 42 percent held a favorable view of evangelical Christians. Meanwhile, 18 percent of the likely voters surveyed held an unfavorable view of gay people, while 28 percent held a negative view of evangelical Christians. Interestingly, the popularity of evangelical Christians mirrors the favorables and unfavorables of gay people in 2011, when 40 percent of those polled felt positively about gays and lesbians and 25 percent held a negative view. There was no comparison polling released on how the electorate felt about evangelicals three years before.

This is extremely distressing news for presidential hopefuls like Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and Sen. Ted Cruz, all of whom count themselves as the political flagbearers of the evangelical movement. It may explain why the group has come out swinging, crying “religious persecution” at every opportunity. Huckabee, never one to miss an opportunity to fling wild hyperbole, even claimed that the backlash to Indiana’s anti-gay law was proof that liberals hated all Christians.

“It won’t stop until there are no more churches, until there are no more people who are spreading the Gospel,” the former Arkansas governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate said. “And I’m talking now about the unabridged, unapologetic gospel that is really God’s truth.” [source]

However, it’s this exact kind of rhetoric that may be turning people away. Nobody likes a person using a religion to justify their intolerance, and as Huckabee and his ilk become increasingly out of step with the average American, it is more and more obvious that that is exactly what’s happening here.

Despite Huckabee’s claim to stand for the “unapologetic gospel that is really God’s truth,” more and more churches are sanctioning same-sex relationships. And seeing as how Jesus never said a single word about gay marriage, it’s hard to argue that Huckabee’s interpretation is any more valid than anyone else’s. In fact, given what we know about Jesus’s feelings towards acceptance, forgiveness, and lack of judgment, it could be convincingly argued that Huckabee’s brand of hate would appall him.

Christians make up 77 percent of the American population. It’s clearly the dominant religion within the United States (Glenn Beck’s baseless warnings of Sharia Law notwithstanding). The bigots who have hidden behind it to justify hate may not want to hear it, but it seems the country is finally ready to stop giving them a pass on their intolerance. There are many, many Christians who have no problem with gay people – not with serving them at their restaurants, not with letting them get married. With that in mind, maybe the Huckabee’s of the country, evangelical and bigoted, should consider the possibility that the problem isn’t gay people, the problem is their own hearts.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info


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