Arizona’s ‘Fuck Islam’ Bigot Gets In Altercation Outside Of Wal-Mart At Confederate Flag Rally

In May, super patriotic former Marine Jon Ritzheimer held an armed anti-Muslim protest outside of a mosque in Phoenix because he “loves” America. After his inflammatory protest – directed at innocent people – he claimed his life was in danger and tried to raise $10 million dollars with a GoFundMe fundraiser that was eventually taken down. Now, Arizona’s favorite bigot is back in the news after holding another super American foolish protest outside of Wal-Mart, for a completely un-American reason: to express his anger over the retailer’s decision to pull Confederate flag merchandise from their shelves.

Ritzheimer and a bunch of unpatriotic Confederate flag supporters showed up at an Arizona Wal-Mart around 3 p.m. on Sunday to express their outrage that the retail giant had removed the flag merchandise from its shelves in the wake of the Charleston terrorist attack. The protestors waved Confederate flags, along with American flags, next to their pickup trucks (of course) and chanted “U.S.A., U.S.A.”

Flag Protest

Image via Ritzheimer’s Facebook page

The Confederate flag lovers were joined by a group of counter-protestors and that’s when Ritzheimer was unable to control himself any longer. One young counter-protestor stood on an American flag, causing the super “patriotic” ex-Marine to get angry and wrestle the flag away from him. Ritzheimer was pissed off that the man was standing on the American flag because it was “disrespectful to fallen veterans,” according to him.

The bigot then flew our nation’s flag next to the Confederate flag, in an unbelievable display of ignorance, until the store’s management asked the groups to leave.

The fact that Ritzheimer and his fellow bigots were flying the Confederate flag next to American flags while chanting “U.S.A.” demonstrates just how fucking stupid these people are! You cannot fly the flag that represents traitors who attacked the United States and then claim that you love our country. This is what is so frustrating about the Confederacy apologists; they have zero understanding of the history of the Civil War.

Ritzheimer’s anti-Muslim protest, along with his woefully ignorant “Fuck Islam” shirts, were all in response to ISIS, which he believes wants to kill Americans; but, he’s perfectly cool with flying the flag that represents a group of people who waged war on the United States and were responsible for nearly a million American deaths.

Oh the irony…

Watch the bigot exclaim his love for America:

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info



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