AZ Taps Chemtrail Truther Who Thinks Earth Is 6,000 Years Old To Educate Their Kids (VIDEO)

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Republican contempt towards public education has hit an all-time low in Arizona. This is made painfully clear by the appointment of Senator Sylvia Allen to lead the Arizona legislative committee on education.

You might think that Senator Allen had an extensive education in teaching, with years of experience both in the classroom and from an administrative standpoint. However, you would be dead wrong.

Allen attended high school, but never went to college. That fact is not terrible in itself, but when you are in a position like hers, it’s ludicrous at best. Let’s look at her qualifications which will ensure she provides the best possible education for Arizona children:

Allen teaches students about our system of democratically elected government, by telling everyone there is a government conspiracy that uses chemtrails to control the weather.

Allen proved her strong literacy in social studies and civics when she said the state should make church attendance mandatory. She pulled this one to completely derail a discussion about gun control legislation.

Allen shows her expertise in history by endorsing the notion that the Earth has been around for only 6000 years.
Here is a video of Allen supporting the idea of a 6000 year old Earth:

Allen was selected by Republican Senate President Andy Biggs to chair the committee, which oversees education-related laws and also manages education spending.

“She understands what Arizona students and parents need in our education system,” Biggs said in a prepared statement. “She is a very experienced legislator and I know she will do a wonderful job.”

What is probably the most important part of this is that Allen also supports Americans for Prosperity, which is a Koch Brothers-funded PAC devoted to destroying our public education system by defunding it. Their goal is to replace it with privatized charter schools that have little to no regulation or standards. Her support of the people who want to destroy the American education system is likely the one and only qualifier that was required for her to get the job.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info