Barney Frank has a Message for Bernie Sanders Supporters They Won’t Like

by Egberto Willies –

I attended the JRR Dinner in Houston, Texas as a guest of the 2nd longest serving Congressperson in the Texas House of Representatives, Congresswoman Senfronia Thompson. Former Congressman and Chair of the House Financial Services Committee Barney Frank was the featured speaker. I knew I would be able to get this very outspoken congressman to speak frankly — no pun intended — about the Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders Democratic Primary race. He did not disappoint though Bernie Sanders’ supporters will be upset at his message.

I pointed out to Barney Frank that the excitement in the Democratic Party is with Bernie Sanders. I asked him why should the establishment be propping up Hillary Clinton to make her the nominee. He was ready with an answer.

He said the election of 2016 is not just about Democrats. Reasonable Republicans and Independents must be won over. Barney Frank believes Hillary Clinton is a better candidate to do that.

“When it comes to an election this important,” Barney Frank said. “I think you have to be pragmatic. Mainly, who can best carry out your values.”

Frank scoffed at those who he believe put idealism over pragmatism. “The opposite of pragmatism is not idealism,” Barney Frank said. “It’s wishful thinking.”

Barney said he wishes Americans were not so phobic about the word socialism. He said Bernie Sanders has been a proud socialist for 40+ years. He then said for years when Republicans were attempting to clothe Democrats as socialists they ran away from it. “You are not going to turn around now,” Barney Frank said. “and say, ‘Oh by the way we’ve been socialist all along.’ and win the election.”

I asked Frank if he thought Bernie stood a chance. He said no. He then went on to say that with all the attacks on Hillary, her overall poll numbers are much better than Sanders. He also said that the GOP would love to run against Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders’ supporters should use Barney Frank’s words as a rallying cry instead of slamming a believer of the permanency of  the status quo. Barney Frank is right until he is not.

Bernie Sanders speaks about requiring a revolution for him to win and to get the policies he is advocating. If he gets that revolution in thought and in a mobilized populace, then Barney Frank would be wrong. Till Bernie Sanders mobilize, organize, and broaden the movement, then Barney Frank is likely more right than wrong.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos