Ben Carson’s ‘Very Closest’ Friend And Business Partner Is Health Care Fraudster

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Ben Carson’s entire brand as a Republican presidential candidate is tied around his identity as a medical doctor. His biography,Gifted Hands, is what has sold many primary and caucus voters on him despite his lackluster political skills. But it turns out the doctor has a close personal friend and business partner who has used his medical credentials to scam people.

Pittsburgh dentist Alfonso A. Costa pleaded guilty to a felony count of health care fraud after an FBI probe into his oral surgery practice found he had charged for procedures he never performed, according to court records.

Though the crime carries a potential sentence of up to 10 years in federal prison, Costa was able to avoid prison time after Carson helped petition a federal judge for leniency.

That’s different from the position Carson took in 2013 as he prepared to launch his presidential campaign, saying those convicted of health care fraud should go to prison for at least a decade and be forced to forfeit “all of one’s personal possessions.”

At Costa’s 2008 sentencing hearing, Carson described the dentist as “one my closest, if not my very closest friend.”

Costa is still on the board of Carson’s charity, the Carson Scholars Fund.

Carson and his wife Candy have made investments through Costa’s company and profited to the tune of $200,000-$2 million a year according to disclosure documents Carson has filed with the Federal Elections Commission.

Carson and his wife formed two corporations, BenCan LLC and INBS LLC, with Costa’s home address in Pittsburgh set as the mailing address for the corporations. The Carson companies paid $3 million for an office building in Pittsburgh, listing the mailing address on the deed as Costa’s real estate firm – Costa Land Co.

Currently, Costa is using his involvement with Carson’s charity to promote his real estate business, while his son has worked with Carson’s campaign and a PAC related to his presidential run.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info