Bernie Sanders Sits Down With Bill Maher And Explains How He Could Win

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders went on Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday. As he walked on stage, Maher’s audience stood and applauded the senator, while chanting “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!” Sanders sat down across from Maher with a huge smile on his face. Maher told him that he deserved to smile, citing the successes of his campaign. Sanders’ campaign had been initially relegated as a “boutique campaign” as Maher describes it. However, the presidential hopeful has been declared the king of social media and has to start booking larger venues for his campaign stops to accommodate his ever-growing army of supporters.

Maher commended the Senator for getting “Hilary Clinton to start talking like Elizabeth Warren.” Maher chalked this up to the senator having the right message. Sanders responded by saying the message of his campaign is very radical – the truth. Sanders elaborates on this:

“The truth is that, for forty years, the middle class of this country has been disappearing. And there has been a huge transfer of billions of dollars of working families to the top one-tenth of one percent.” Sanders said. “And what the people of this country are saying is, ‘Enough is enough, our government, our country, belongs to all of us, not just a few billionaires.’”

Maher responded by saying:

“So let’s dig down a little deeper into the campaign. I mean you are closing the gap on Hillary, but obviously, she’s still way ahead with women. You do very well with men and the older — older men, especially. Now some women you will just never get –I don’t mean you personally.”

Maher told Sanders that he thinks that he could do quite well getting support from the younger generation. Making a quip about the Sanders’s presence on social media, Maher asked if he is on Tinder. Sanders then commented on how his campaign has used social media to leverage the playing field when it comes to getting his campaign’s message to voters.

“In the Senate, we have more people on our Facebook page, than any other member of the United States Senate. Look, what we want to do is tap the idealism of the kids. And what the kids are saying, for example, is that this country should lead the world in transferring our energy system and dealing with climate change. And that solution we’re going to talk about a whole lot.”

People have been saying that Sanders only role in this election is to bring the national narrative to the left. It would appear that he has done that, seeing as Hilary Clinton has started to borrow the messaging more often associated with the progressive caucus. If that was his only goal, then he has accomplished it. Now it is time for people to recognize that Sanders has many of the same things going for him that President Barack Obama had going for him in 2008. Sanders has hired the social media team who was behind the president’s historic campaign in 2008 and is using that talent to spread his message. Sanders has faced discrimination based on ageist assumptions. Yet, people seem to forget that old people vote. Mix that with a campaign that calls for free higher education and an agenda that appeals to the young and you have a candidate with a large base of supporters.


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