Best Thing To Happen To Gun Safety In Years Snuck Right Under Noses Of NRA


It seems the Obama administration has been working outside of the public view to expand a program of background check reporting between agencies under the purview of the executive branch of government, and the result may just be the best thing that’s happened for gun safety in this country in years, if not decades.

The program, currently adhered to by the VA under the Brady Bill, requires that all veterans receiving financial help from the government that have been deemed incapable of controlling their own finances be reported as ineligible to purchase a firearm.

Since 2008, veterans who feel they aren’t a danger to themselves or others even though they’ve been deemed incompetent, have the right to file for an appeal. As of April, nine of the 298 appeals filed have been granted, and another 44 dismissed after financial incompetence was overturned.

Essentially the Veterans Administration is required to report people who don’t have the mental capacity to balance a checkbook or pay their own utilities. The NRA has argued for years that this program is an egregious violation of those people’s second amendment rights. The argument that a person deemed mentally incapable of caring for themselves should still be able to purchase a weapon is, of course, completely insane in its own right.

Now the NRA, and all conservatives by proxy, are absolutely infuriated because as the LA Times reported, the administration is looking to expand this highly successful reporting system to the Social Security Administration. If successful, more than four million people who can’t care for themselves would be added to the list of those who can’t purchase a firearm. The disqualifying factor would be anyone with a representative payee for their benefits would immediately be reported.

Other groups that aid in discrimination against those with disabilities are upset with the idea that simply being incapable of handling your own finances could disqualify a disabled person from their Second Amendment rights, but much like the VA rules, that determination could be overturned on judicial review.

It is reported that 2.7 million people with representative payees have mental issues of the type that would already disqualify them by law from owning a gun. Another 1.5 million have payees for various other reasons.

Under this brilliant new policy those 2.7 million who may have slipped through the reporting cracks because they aren’t on a court docket or their state or county lacks the kind of reporting system Republicans shot down after Sandy Hook for mental instability or deficiencies, drug addiction and more will be added to the list of people it is illegal to sell a gun to.

Conservatives are outraged. The NRA is in a tizzy. People who are tired of the never-ending violence looking to stem the bleeding of our society from senseless gun violence will be able to applaud yet another action by an administration that continues to prove that even with an obstinate, obstructive Congress of fools looking to stop them at every turn, They can still do right by the American people.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info


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