Biographer Says Trump Might Not Actually Be A Billionaire: ‘He Just Makes It Up’ (VIDEO)

by Vera –

Donald Trump’s lies are catching up to him one by one, and the latest person to call him out is Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and biographer David Cay Johnston.

Some of you may not know who Johnston is, but he is the author behind The Making of Donald Trump – so he knows quite a bit about who the erratic business mogul is and isn’t. In a newly released video, Johnston claims that there is absolutely no proof that Trump is the billionaire he says he is – adding another layer of deceit and fraud to Trump’s already horrendous track record.

The clip was published by Business Insider, where Johnston goes through Trump’s bragging claims and compares them to the actual data on the business mogul’s court records and bank filings. For example, Johnston says that last year, Trump said his net worth was $8.7 billion, $10 billion, $11 billion and higher, “even though there was nothing going on in the economy that would suggest that kind of gyrations of net worth.” The truth is, Trump is lying though his teeth. Johnston said:

“The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump just makes it up.”

Johnston also brought up a court testimony where Trump said he uses his gut “feelings” and “emotional state” to determine his net worth. Johnston joked about how “nuts” it was, and imitated Trump’s strategy:

“By the way, I’m having a great day today. I think my net worth must be at least a billion dollars.”

Johnston has been trying to get America to believe that Trump’s billionaire status was fake since 1990. During that time, a net worth statement by Trump’s bankers said that the GOP nominee’s net worth was actually negative $295 million.

Johnston is still standing by the claim that Trump isn’t as successful as he seems, and continues to insist that although Trump is well off, there is “no evidence that he is a billionaire.”

You can watch Johnston call out Trump’s lies below:

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info