Border Chief Just Gave Trump A Brutal Reality Check About His Border Wall (VIDEO)

by Vera –

During his presidential campaign, former reality television star Donald Trump received a lot of criticism for his highly controversial (and completely wasteful and illogical) U.S.-Mexican border wall — a concept his supporters latched onto despite the fact that it was shot down by several experts.

Just days after officially becoming the 45th President of the United States, Trump is getting another brutal reality check about why this stupid wall won’t work. Now, the outgoing chief of the Customs and Border Protection agency is speaking out against the idea, crushing every racist’s hopes and dreams.

In an interview with ABC News’ Brian Ross, border chief Gil Kerlikowske basically said that Trump’s border wall was a massive waste of both time and money, and not a viable solution to tackling illegal immigration. Completely humiliating Trump for being an ill-advised moron, Kerlikowske said:

“I think that anyone who’s been familiar with the southwest border and the terrain… kind of recognizes that building a wall along the entire southwest border is probably not going to work.”

There’s nothing that Trump hates more than being called out for being stupid and wrong. Maybe if he’d actually spent more time learning about his new job than crying on Twitter, he would have known this. Kerlikowske also stated that not only would this wall not work, but the cost of this wall in both time and finances would be a major burden on taxpayers — because despite how many times Trump says Mexico is going to pay for his wall, they’ve made it VERY clear that they’re not. Kerlikowske continued:

“I don’t think the wall is feasible. I don’t think it’s particularly the smartest way to use taxpayer money on infrastructure.”

To make matters even worse for Trump, Kerlikowske used this interview to defend and praise the Obama Administration for its record on illegal immigration. Take that, Trump!

You can watch the interview below:


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info