BUSTED: Donald Trump Screwed Over American Steel Workers By Buying Metal From China Instead

by Stephen D Foster Jr –


Donald Trump claims he will “make America great again,” but what he really means is he will continue helping China destroy America.

In yet another example of how Trump has screwed over American workers in order to enrich himself and his own family, Newsweek has revealed that the Republican nominee purchased steel and other metals from China to use in the construction of his buildings instead of buying it from American companies.

“A Newsweek investigation has found that in at least two of Trump’s last three construction projects, Trump opted to purchase his steel and aluminum from Chinese manufacturers rather than United States corporations based in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin,” Kurt Eichenwald wrote.

Eichenwald painstakingly discovered that Trump built his Trump International Hotel Las Vegas by ditching American steel companies in favor of cheaper steel produced by Chinese companies who pay their workers less.

“The Chinese entity chosen by Trump to provide steel for the Las Vegas property is a holding company called Ossen Innovation Co. Ltd.–formerly known as Ultra Glory International Ltd,” Newsweek found under “layers upon layers of corporate shells and divisions” that ultimately led to Ossen (Jiujiang) Steel Wire & Cable Co. Ltd., which operates in Shanghai. Trump was apparently trying to hide where he purchased the steel by using this strategy.

For his Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, the Republican nominee acquired the vast amounts of aluminum material used from Chinese companies as well, which deprived American smelters of money that could have prevented producers in Ohio, West Virginia and Texas from closing their doors and putting Americans out of work. Newsweek estimates that “American companies lost out on more than $350 million in sales.”

Again, Trump tried to bury where he purchased the aluminum, but some digging revealed that the chain leads to Permasteelisa South China Factory and Permasteelisa Hong Kong Limited.

Trump’s actions put Americans out of work and helped foreign companies in China eliminate their American competitors. As Eichenwald explained,

“The losers are the American competitors like aluminum producers who cannot possibly compete with foreign companies that are willing to take losses on the sales of their building materials in hopes of driving companies in the United States out of business.”

And they succeeded in driving American companies out of business because greedy businessmen like Donald Trump care more about profit than they do about the American workers they hurt.

Instead, Chinese companies reap the benefits. The Chinese economy is surpassing our own as the largest in the world. And Donald Trump is helping them do it without any remorse whatsoever.

Eventually, as American companies are continually forced to shut down because they can’t compete, these Chinese companies will likely raise their prices through the roof and create a shortage of steel here in the United States that will hurt construction companies and many others connected to them, resulting in more Americans losing their jobs. It’s a vicious cycle that Donald Trump has helped perpetuate for years in the name of profit.

But for some reason many conservatives still actually believe Donald Trump is going to somehow bring jobs back to America and make our economy stronger than ever, even though he is a huge part of the problem in the first place. In the end, China is not to blame for our weaker economy and jobs being outsourced to other countries. That’s being made in America by selfish wealthy pricks like Donald Trump.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info