Catholic Leaders Get Final Chance to Take Stand Against Nazis

by SemDem –

One of the darkest chapters of the Catholic Church last century was during the start of WWII, when Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, who later became Pope Pius XII, signed a treaty on behalf of the Vatican with Adolf Hitler. The Reichskonkordat gave moral legitimacy to the Nazi regime that Hitler sought—even after he had acquired dictatorial powers through the Enabling Act of 1933.  The treaty promised that Bishops would swear loyalty to the leader of the German government, and it allowed the Nazis to claim that the Third Reich had been given “full approval by the highest spiritual power on earth”. As you might have expected, Hitler never honored his part of the agreement on Church protections.  In essence, the future pope made a deal with the devil, and it didn’t end well.

You can’t make deals with the devil and ever expect it to…

I’ve completely given up on evangelical Christians, who have gladly sold their souls to blindly support a woman-hating, sexually assaulting, openly promiscuous, lying, handicapped-mocking, criminally-prone, racist lunatic who has bragged about breaking every single Commandment, and then proclaims his refusal of the need to ask forgiveness. It’s utterly deplorable, but unfortunately, entirely understandable how it happened.

For decades, the evangelicals have allowed their movement to become infected with hateful politics. At one point in time, their mission was founded on Christ’s teaching of love and acceptance. Yet they have devolved into a sad group whose only discernible purpose is to blame, hate, and now, hurt other people who are different. Once you allow yourself to hate others, you make a pact with the devil whom you will fiercely support, no matter how vile he shows himself to be to you. You allow this as long as you get to keep on hating–it sustains you. That’s why there is literally nothing Trump can do at this point to shake evangelical devotion to their hideous golden-haired calf.

Catholics, however, don’t have to go down this road. They have another chance to take a stand.

In fact, two very close associates of Pope Francis did just that.  They told American Catholics to quit making “an alliance of hate” with evangelicals.  It hit a nerve because the right-wing, white supremacist site Breitbart immediately responded with an “article” entitled “Papal Advisers Bash American Christians in Bigoted Screed“.

Pro-Trump Catholics have made a “Faustian bargain” with Trump in exchange for one thing: his support for the war on women. They want draconian restrictions on legal abortion and birth control at all costs, and for that, they were willing to surrender ALL their values: stewardship of the planet, programs to serve the poor, keeping  families together, and speaking out against evil and hate.

To be fair, there were some American Catholic leaders who actually did condemn the violence and racism at Charlottesville, but they refused to say anything about Trump. Which, again, is sort of like what Pius XII did:

At Christmas 1942, once evidence of the industrial slaughter of the Jews had emerged, [Pope Pius XII] voiced concern at the murder of “hundreds of thousands” of “faultless” people because of their “nationality or race”. But his insistence on Vatican neutrality and avoidance of naming the Nazis as the evildoers of the conflict became the foundation for contemporary and later criticisms from some quarters.

Calling out evil without naming it is almost as bad as not calling it out at all. The single-minded focus on controlling women has led to awful decisions by many so-called Catholic leaders, like NY Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who both excused Trump’s sexual assault and even refused to revoke Bill O’Reilly’s  VIP papal visit request. I’ve come across a lot of examples I wish I could un-see, such as a Catholics for Trump website, which I will not link to, that tries to justify Trump’s mocking of a disabled reporter.

And yet there is hope.  Catholic women especially have been speaking out against the hate and the Church’s obsession with sexual behavior.  One of my favorite people on earth is Sister Simone Campell, who opposes Trump and fought against his plan for ripping away American’s healthcare.  She wrote her own 10 Commandments for Health care that everyone should read. She understands that devotion to God means helping those most in need, and pointing out those who make it their mission in life to harm them.

Trump is a fascist.  He is also loved by fascists, and he loves them right back.  To my fellow Catholics, you have a choice. You can continue to back him, speak out against him, or keep trying to remain “neutral”. As JFK always referenced about Dante’s Inferno: “The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality.”

Trump has shown you exactly who he is, and it’s well past time American Catholic leaders denounce him for the monster that he is. It’s way too late for the “prosperity gospel” hatemongers who call themselves “evangelical Christians”,  but it’s not to late for Catholics across this nation to step up and be the moral leaders they claim to be. It’s that, or make a pact with the devil to continue to be silent.

Just remember what happened the last time.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos