Clinton Skyrockets To 13.3 Point Lead Over Donald Trump in Latest Poll

by Ryan Denson –

clinton laughing

The polls are not looking good for Donald Trump – and he’s the king of polls. Hillary Clinton leads him in Arizona, Kansas and Georgia and Florida, ties him in Texas and North Carolina, and is now leading him nationally in a new blowout poll.

According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, Clinton leads Donald Trump by a staggering 14 points:

The June 20-24 poll showed that 46.6 percent of likely American voters supported Clinton while 33.3 percent supported Trump. Another 20.1 percent said they would support neither candidate.

Trump had enjoyed a brief boost in support following the June 12 mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, as he doubled down on his pledge to ban Muslims from entering the country, cutting Clinton’s lead to nine points…

Clinton’s 13.3 percentage point lead is about the same as she had before the Orlando attack.

So after exploiting a national tragedy to his advantage, Trump managed to botch even that and now Clinton has settled back into being the obvious frontrunner for the presidency. One of the reasons Trump has now slumped in the polls is that confidence in his campaign is falling. In contrast to Clinton’s well oiled money-machine campaign, Trump’s reportings of an almost broke campaign has left a bitter taste in voters’ mouths.

And it would also appear Trump’s hackneyed racism and Islamophobia is getting boring with voters. Unlike his heightened popularity in the wake of San Bernardino, Trump’s numbers declined after doubling down to ban Muslims from entering the country.

And these feelings are all across the country. The poll measured 1,200 respondents from all 50 states.

But another telling number from the poll is that 20 percent of the American public said they will not be backing either candidate.

He’s broke, he’s fired his campaign manager, he has less than 100 staffers across the country, and now he’s losing in the polls – badly. President Obama’s approval rating is in the steady mid-50s, so he’s certainly not unpopular. Not only that, Delegates at the convention are planning a coup to oust him before he even becomes the nominee. Things are not looking good for the “billionaire” mogul.

Americans are getting tired of Donald Trump. It’s about time.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info