Congress Manages To Pass Bill That Funds DHS…For A Whole Week

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Congress came partway out of its dysfunctional state for a moment late Friday evening, as they actually managed to pass a funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security. The bill isn’t a full funding bill, but rather, a temporary, continuing resolution that will run through…next Friday.

Yes, you read that right. They’re funding DHS for one whole week. The Senate cleared the measure without even a roll call, according Yahoo! News, and the House passed it 357-60, amid anger from conservative Republicans that it did nothing to block Obama’s immigration orders.

According to the National Journal, it was actually Democrats who saved the day with this. Nearly every House Democrat voted with the grown-up Republicans who favored passing anything that would keep DHS functioning past midnight Friday. This happened just after the House utterly failed to pass a three-week funding measure.

Representative Mike Simpson (R-ID) sent a jab to those conservatives in the House that are angry about the bill containing nothing that blocks Obama’s immigration orders. The National Journal article reports that he said he hoped they could pass the Senate’s clean funding bill with help from “Democrats and a few of the adults.” [emphasis mine]

Representative Peter King (R-NY) had things to say about those Republicans, too, when the three-week bill failed. The Yahoo! News piece quoted him as saying:

“There are terrorist attacks all over world and we’re talking about closing down Homeland Security. This is like living in world of crazy people.”

There’s apparently confusion about whether there’s a deal to take up the Senate’s clean funding bill. Some House Democrats think there was, while others don’t see it that way. Some House Republicans don’t believe this constitutes a deal on their part, either.

In fact, CNN reports that House Republicans will continue to try to push for riders that block Obama’s immigration orders. Senate Democrats will, of course, refuse to vote for anything other than a clean funding bill. That will give Senate Republicans fits, because they can’t override a filibuster without Democrats’ help.

All Congress has really done, though, is kick the can down the road a little ways. Getting the House to even consider the Senate’s bill will be a monumental task for Democrats. Of course, it would be nice if House Republicans would stop holding funding hostage, and actually grow up.


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