Connecticut Makes Indiana Republicans Look Like Cowards After Taking In Syrian Refugee Family They Rejected

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syrian refugee woman with baby

Gov. Malloy Says Syrian Refugees Granted Asylum Are Welcome In Connecticut

Indiana Republicans are looking pretty cowardly right now after Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy gladly welcomed a family of Syrian refugees Mike Pence rejected to Connecticut.

The family of three, including their 5-year-old son, thought they had found a new home in Indiana after 4 years of seeking asylum in the United States. The family was forced to flee from Syria in 2011 in the midst of a brutal civil war. They fled to Jordan, where they waited for three more years in the hopes of making new lives for themselves in the United States without the threat of death and war.

And they were so close to finally achieving the American dream in Indiana. But after ISIS attacked Paris in a series of terrorist attacks that left over 100 dead, Republicans across the country flew into a panic over Syrian refugees,believing that they are secret terrorists seeking easy access to American soil.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence shares the paranoia and hate of his GOP colleagues, so before the family could settle in state, he halted the resettlement program.

“We’re very confident that we have the legal authority to suspend the resettlement program relative to Syrian refugees in the state of Indiana and I think it is the proper course,” Pence said in a statement about putting the program on hold.

He made further remarks on the situation during an appearance on CNN on Thursday, repeating the falsehood that a Syrian refugee was involved in the terrorist attacks on Paris:

“At the end of the day, when you see a Syrian refugee involved in a terrorist attack in Paris, someone who gained access to the European Union under this program, and we have the leadership of our Homeland Security and our FBI saying that we have serious gaps, I think it was altogether fitting that Republicans and Democrats in the Congress of the United States today voted overwhelmingly to pause this program.”

But all of the attackers have been confirmed as European Nationals. Not one attacker was a refugee.So, Mike Pence and every other Republican spewing this garbage as an excuse to deny asylum to Syrian refugees are lying.

CNN host Chris Cuomo pointed out to Pence that this family has been through years of vetting and waiting to reach the land of the free.

“They had been vetted for three years, this family. They had been found to not have any significant threat, obviously, which is why they were being admitted. The guy was a shopkeeper, they’ve got a little baby. This family did not have any earmarks of that.”

Clearly, this family didn’t pose a threat but the racism and Islamophobia of Indiana Republicans forced Exodus Refugee Immigration Inc. to quickly find another state for the family to resettle instead of putting them through more waiting while a legal battle over Pence’s decision looms.

“I did not want this family to be put through any more scrutiny or drama,” Exodus executive director Carleen Miller told the Chicago Tribune. “Would I have wanted to have more time to push back and say that this is not constitutional, that refugees can go to any state that they want because they’re admitted to the U.S., not into a state? Yes. But this was a really urgent situation and I needed to make a decision on behalf of the families.”

And thanks to Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy, the family has now found a new home in Connecticut, which quite frankly is probably a much better place to live than in the bigoted state of Indiana.

Malloy even took a shot at Pence while criticizing his decision to halt the resettlement program.

“This is the same guy who signed a homophobic bill in the spring, surrounded by homophobes,” Malloy said. “I’m not surprised by anything the governor does.”

Malloy also went the extra mile to personally welcome the family to his state and explained to them that despite the attitude of Indiana Republicans, Americans are a generous people who welcome refugees.

“I have to say they were absolutely wonderful and charming folks. I told them that people in the United States are generous and good people but sometimes things happen elsewhere that cause people to forget about their generosity, forget about their native warmth and spirit. They know that they’ve been diverted. They know that they were unwelcomed in another state. We’re not in the position to take everybody from Syria, but Connecticut should take its share.”

Indiana Republicans like to brag that their state has a reputation for great hospitality, but that reputation of Hoosier hospitality has been forever tarnished.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info