Conservative Gun Range Owner Bans American Muslims From Practicing Their Own Second Amendment Rights

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Once again, conservatives have proved just how hypocritical they are when it comes to religious liberty and gun rights.

Despite all the open-carry demonstrations and whining by conservatives in protest of gun control laws they say amounts to taking guns away from citizens, a right-wing gun nut in Arkansas is openly infringing upon the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

Right-wing blogger Jan Morgan is the owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Like other conservatives, she believes in the right to bear arms. But if you’re an American Muslim, she forbids you from exercising your own Second Amendment rights at her gun range.

In a blog post, Morgan equated being a Muslim with being a terrorist and said that she doesn’t consider Islam a religion in a list of ten reasons why she banned Muslims from buying and shooting guns at her gun range.

Not all muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists in the world right now are muslim. Since you can’t determine by visual assessment, which ones will kill you and which ones will not, I am going to go with the line of thought that ANY HUMAN BEING who would either knowingly or unknowingly support a “religion” that commands the murder of all people who refuse to submit or convert to that religion, is not someone I want to know or do business with. I hold adults accountable for the religion they align themselves with.

Morgan wrote that she read the whole Koran, and pushed the conservative claim that the book is all about violence towards non-Muslims who refuse to convert to Islam. Of course, that claim isn’t true. In fact, the bible in far more violent than the Koran.

And in a further act of hypocrisy, Morgan wrote a paragraph that contradicts the conservative belief that separation of church and state doesn’t exist and that America is a Christian nation.

The US Constitution does not protect a theocracy. The 1st Amendment is very specific about protecting the rights of individuals from the government, as it concerns the practice of religions, not theocracies. It clearly differentiates between government and religion. Again protecting the individual’s religious beliefs and practices from (the state) government. In Islam religion and state are one. We are a Nation governed by laws, or the law of the land the U.S. Constitution. We are not a Nation that is governed by religion, politicians or clerics.

To recap, Morgan is openly violating the Second Amendment rights and religious liberty of American Muslims. Keep in mind that conservatives have been crusading against the federal government based on the invented notion that President Obama is a secret Muslim who is taking away guns and religious freedom. Well, Morgan is a real example of someone who is doing both, and she’s a conservative.

This overt discrimination against Muslims is the exact same kind of discrimination conservative “Christians” claim the federal government is committing against them. Except in the case of conservatives, no one has been stripped of their religious freedom and no one has banned them from purchasing or shooting a firearm. This incident proves that conservative “Christians” think the Constitution only applies to them and no one else. Morgan not only revealed conservative hypocrisy in their defense of the Second Amendment, she revealed their hypocrisy in their quest to turn America into a nation ruled by biblical law. In short, conservatives don’t practice what they preach. They only care about

Reprinted with permission from Addictive Info