Conservative Radio Host Freaks Out When Christie Argues For Cutting Social Security For The Rich

Chris Christie2

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

After New Jersey Governor Chris Christie argued for slashing Social Security benefits for wealthy people, conservative radio host Howie Carr threw a hissy fit.

Under Christie’s proposal, means testing would be employed to determine whether or not a person actually needs Social Security benefits, and since rich people clearly do not need even more money, they would likely see their benefits cut or taken away entirely, thus giving the Social Security program increased longevity for the rest of us.

But on Thursday, conservative radio host Howie Carr threw a temper tantrum about the idea and engaged in a shouting match with Christie, accusing him of engineering a Bernie Madoff-like ponzi scheme.

“I’m older than you are. I’m 63. I started paying into this program when Lyndon Johnson was president, right? Nobody said anything about means-testing,” Carr said. “You’re proposing what amounts to a bait-and-switch, aren’t you? I mean, what’s the difference between this and Bernie Madoff?”

Christie informed Carr that something had to be done to protect the social safety net for future generations and that either the rich had to accept less benefits that they don’t need or get hit with a higher tax.

CHRISTIE: “There’s a big difference, Howie. Because if what you want is to have a massive social security tax increase and you want to pay that, then vote for a Democrat.”

Indeed, Democrats such as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have proposed applying the payroll tax to all income over $100,000, which would make Social Security infinitely solvent. Currently, the tax only applies to income up to $100,000.

“These are hard truths, Howie,” Christie said. “I’m sorry to have to bring hard truths onto your air. But the fact is that the Social Security system will go broke if we don’t make changes, or have massive tax increases.”

Carr then played the victim card on behalf of wealthy people everywhere, claiming that they played by the rules but are the ones being asked to make the sacrifices, even though the 92 percent of Americans who make less than $100,000 a year have contributed a larger percentage of their paychecks to Social Security than the upper crust has.

Carr then whined about Christie raising the possibility that the wealthy could have to pay more in taxes without getting the benefits, beginning to yell at Christie as he talked. But Christie defended finding responsible solutions to the problem instead of bowing down to wealthy conservative extremists who greedily want Social Security even though they have robust bank accounts to rely on for the rest of their lives.

“What’s your solution, Howie?” Christie asked.

“What’s your solution? It’s going to go broke, what’s your solution?… I’m dealing responsibly with the problem. You’re complaining and putting forward no solution. That’s your right, you’re a radio talk show host, you don’t have to come forward with solutions. But your questions have to have some — some — degree of realism to them.”

To listen to the audio, click here.

Social Security can be fixed. If conservatives refuse to allow the payroll tax to be applied to all income, then they will have to accept slashing benefits for those who can afford to live without Social Security benefits. Either way, it’s better than handing Social Security over to Wall Street like many conservatives have wanted to do for decades now.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info