Cop Who Got A Whole 4 Years For Murdering An Unarmed Black Man Wants His Sentence Cut

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joshua colclough

A poorly planned raid on a New Orleans home in 2012 ended with an unarmed black man’s death and a police department falling over its own lies to cover for the cop who murdered him. Officer Joshua Colclough ultimately took a plea bargain for manslaughter in return for his confession that he fatally shot Wendell Allen, 20, without just cause.

Colclough received four years in prison for his crime, which he and his attorneys don’t see as fair. Having served half of his sentence, Colclough was back in court Wednesday in what was supposed to be a motion to have his sentence cut. For unknown reasons, his attorney asked for and was granted a continuance. No date was set for the next hearing.

Wendell’s mother, Natasha Allen, was also in court, presumably to offer her opinion on the early release motion. Her lawyer said that the family has their views, but ultimately it was up to the judge.

Meanwhile, the city’s Independent Police Monitor has launched a new investigation into the case- one that doesn’t look good for Colclough. According to reports, there were six children under the age of fourteen present when the police raided the house, and while most officers wore body cams, the department went out of their way to conceal the footage and to protect their fellow officer, who was obviously guilty.

“There were officers who said when the officers got into the house they gave Wendell Allen commands — show his hands, get down on the ground. The video does not support that. Those officers should have been investigated for not telling the truth during this investigation,” said the IPM’s Susan Huston. The 34-page report also found the lead detective consistently misstated witness accounts and ignored crucial evidence.

A spokesperson for the department said they believed the IPM’s report was flawed, but considering their officer felt his best option was to take a deal for less time than a jury might give him, it doesn’t look good. It turns out the police may have been plotting to frame Allen as dangerous, as if that would be unheard of, and turn his death into yet another case of “black man wouldn’t comply and died for it.”

The victim’s family, having gone through a personal hell for going on three years, were outraged to hear the report. Natasha Allen said:

“Three years. I’ve been going through this every day and then to find out the police [were] trying to make my son out to be a [attempted] murderer on a police officer, no, it’s not right, it’s not right, it’s wrong.”

Of course it’s wrong. What’s worse is that while this crooked cop may have gotten at least some form of punishment, does it truly fit the crime? The four years he received was a gift. To ask to be released early, while the family of your victim still has the image of their loved one lying in a casket so fresh in their minds, is absolutely deplorable.

Do your time and hope karma is merciful on you.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info