Cops Cite ‘Weed’ For Rationalizing Run On Militarized Vehicles In Our Communities? Please…

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militarized swat

Rambo could never get away with that shit, today.

In the para-military police state we find ourselves in the leather-gloved clutches of on a daily basis across the United States, Rambo would fare no better than Ichabod Crane versus Godzilla, and when Godzilla draws first blood, that’s it – you’re dead. Just dead.

Cops don’t care, though. Who knows? Rambo might have been kicking back with some of his buddies from Nam and firing up a doob. Maybe he was about to hold it in a bit while he shakes his ass dancing away from The Big Chill soundtrack one of those assholes made him put on. Those guys… real cards, they are. There’s nothing like old friends, right?

Cops can’t have that, though. Hell no. America can’t wave it’s flag so well, so long as Rambo’s getting high with a little Marvin Gaye in the background. No, they had to take action. What could they do? Rambo’s danced them into a corner, and they hate Marvin Gaye. Maybe it’s all that “sexual healing” when all they want to do is bust some skulls and pop off some rounds, but cops just seem to hate Gaye.

So they take action, because Rambo’s pushed their hand and these folks know how to play cards.

So they mount up. They stockpile what they can beg and buy off the military until they’re so beefcake-armored hard with bullets, sprays, batons and all the guns and armored vehicles one could dream of, complete with Batman-like gadgets, like LRAD and other such nonlethal crowd dispersants, that they’re navigating through communities like Ralphie’s little brother in his snowsuit in A Christmas Story, and then Rambo’s standing there in the pink bunny pajamas feeling vulnerable and ashamed, his sooty, sweat-stained muscles quivering with small sobs beneath the cotton.

That’s cops, though. They’ll shoot a friendly dog in the face with a shotgun, record it and still keep their jobs. They don’t give a damn, and why would they with virtually no repercussions for their behavior on the street?

That’s why it’s so disturbing that police departments by the hundreds were requesting armored vehicles from the Pentagon between 2012 and 2014, and their reasoning is as alarming as it is pathetic: fighting the “War on Drugs.” Looks like Rambo better stash it.

According to Mother Jones, the rationale most used for copping a spare armored vehicle was narcotics.

“Fully a quarter of the 465 requests [between 2012 and 2014] projected using the vehicles for drug enforcement.”

Humorously and interestingly enough, too, terrorist attacks, armed gunmen and hostage situations were almost never cited at all.

Curious, isn’t it? Especially in a country on the verge of legalizing recreational marijuana. It may not be right around the corner, but it’s not much further down than that.

Still, seven police departments even specifically stated the uses for such vehicles would be used primarily for one of the safest substances around – marijuana. You could kill yourself overdosing on water a hell of a lot easier than trying to do the same smoking marijuana. That’s how safe it is, and it helps with Rambo’s PTSD. They weakly try to tie marijuana to harder substances, though, like meth, to justify it. As if that justifies it…

Shasta County, California’s Sheriff Tom Bosenko put in a request for two armored vehicles in 2012, stating their purpose to be “used during apprehension of suspects in both Marijuana eradications and during high risk search warrant service for drug offenders.”

Clear on the other side of the country, a year later Sumter County, Florida’s sheriff applied for one armored vehicle, he said, because his department had discovered “several marijuana grows both indoors and outdoors” around the county and apparently they wanted to approach such matters in the future from behind heavy guns atop their state of the art military vehicles.

These are war machines operating by our local police in the streets of our communities. Rambo knows war machines when he sees them, and he knows what they can do. He wouldn’t pull that shit today he got away with in the 80s. Nope, today Rambo would be shot before he could set his duffle bag on the road’s shoulder to dig out his ID.

Thanks to the Department of Defense’s 1033 program, though, police departments all across the country are dreaming up bullshit reasons for applying for shiny new surplus toys, and the military forks over “hundreds of millions of dollars in military goods to cops each year” — anything from as small – strangely — as underwear, banal as office equipment, right on up to the big guns, like armored combat vehicles.

While many departments may be taking advantage of all the free underwear and filing cabinets, you can rest assured Rambo has no problem with that. He can take out a filing cabinet like tearing apart a candy bar wrapper, and hell, he could probably use the underwear, too, as a tourniquet or something…

But it is the fancy weaponry and armored vehicles – virtual tanks to ultimately be used against the populace in the streets of even small-town communities – that has Rambo looking like a rabbit in the crosshairs. It’s that same practice and issue that’s gained so much heat and scrutiny ever since those images in Ferguson showed para-military police aiming their guns from atop their tanks down on unarmed protesters.

Taking things to an extreme has never been a problem for cops, though. As The Washington Post writes:

“Experts largely agree that the harms inflicted by the way we wage the war on drugs — incarceration, police killings… far outweigh the costs to society of drug use itself.”

Consequently, President Obama has been taking baby steps to nudge back the invading forces behind the “War on Drugs” that has turned this country both into a para-military police state, as well as a prison-industrial complex guilty of incarcerating more people than any other country in the world, all while having the gall to call ourselves the “Land of the Free.”

Is that what Rambo’s friends died face-down in the muck for?

He’s coming to get you, Murdock.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info