D.C. Diner Serves Up ‘The Trump Sandwich’ And It’s Filled With Exactly What You’d Expect (VIDEO)

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The newest culinary craze is hitting Washington D.C. and we know of one person that isn’t going to like it: The Donald. A diner in the nation’s capital has added The Trump Sandwich to the menu. The colossal sandwich is full of bologna – a whole pound of it – and now sells for $12.95, up from the original price of $6.95, because: capitalism.

Hey, that’s something Trump should get excited about, right?

The sign in front of the American City Diner reads “The Trump Sandwich Full Of Bologna.” Which certainly does seem fitting for GOP presidential hopeful.

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Jeffrey Gildenhorn, owner of the American City Diner, was interviewed by Don Lemon on CNN about his newest culinary delighttravesty – oh c’mon, it’s bologna – travesty totally fits!

The sandwich is piled high with the meat product, lettuce and tomatoes and served with a side of fries and a pickle. And, surprisingly enough, people are buying it. The diner reported going through over 20 pounds of bologna in the first four days of offering the Trump tribute.

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Gildenhorn was inspired to add the sandwich to his menu after Trump’s recent antics during his run for president. He remarked about why he selected the obscene amount of bologna, “The Donald has a big mouth and we wanted to make sure this bologna can fit in his mouth. And, it’s big enough.”

The New York Post reported that each sandwich even comes with a card that says, “Big enough to fit in Trump’s big mouth.”

In 1988, Gildenhorn ran for mayor of Washington D.C. He told Lemon that he knew a thing or two about being an “outsider” in politics. However, Gildenhorn isn’t overly impressed by The Donald’s performance thus far in his presidential bid. He said about Trump:

“He runs on emotion. He exposes people in a very crass manner. He can go ahead and do the same thing in a nice manner, as far as criticizing his fellow candidates. He doesn’t have to call Hillary Clinton a liar. He doesn’t have to call people criminals. People don’t want that kind of person to be their [President].”

In addition to the sandwich, Gildenhorn also has t-shirts that feature the word “chutzpah” under the billionaire’s mug.

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He concluded his interview with Lemon saying:

“Quite frankly he is the kind of guy that believes his own publicity. And when you believe your own publicity, you’re going down.”

Yes, that pretty much sums up Trump.

Watch the CNN report about “The Trump Sandwich” here:


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