Defunding Obamacare: The Republican Insanity Drones On

imagesCAGQ3E4QIt seems that the GOP obsession with killing Obamacare continues unabated.  The Republican Congress has announce that it will tie their attempts to defund the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to a possible upcoming partial government shutdown scheduled to take place on the 30th of September.   Hey, folks, why not?  This is, after all, only their 42nd kick at this can at the bargain basement price of $I,400,000.00 a shot.  But this attempt  will be different, right?  What the GOP is proposing is to try to use a vote this week on a must-pass temporary government funding bill to block implementation of President Barack Obama’s health care law.  Although speaker John Boehner and House leader Eric Cantor know all too well that this bill will be DOA in the Senate, they insist on wasting their time and taxpayer’s money on frivolous matters, all the while the country is trying to crawl out of a catastrophic economic meltdown that few of us have ever witnessed in our lifetimes.  Even the GOP’s anti-ACA poster boy, or anti-anything Obama for that matter, in the Senate, Ted Cruz (R. Texas), has stated publicly that support for this hail Mary bill just isn’t there.  Even the insanely rabid Ted Cruz knows that this bill has no legs.  Knowing that he would feel the ire of his fellow Republicans, Cruz said out loud that what anybody with an IQ above 80 already knew to be true.   If by some beyond remote chance the Senate even entertains the idea of a defunding measure, everyone involved knows that President Obama’s veto pen is unholstered and at the ready to kill it in the blink of an eye.

So why does the GOP insist on carrying on with this very expensive folly?  Three words, the Tea Party.  It appears that the Republican voting base has eroded to the point that a radical, confused and aimless group who has no cogent plan to take the country forward and knows nothing more than obstructionism, is steering the ship.  They are nothing more than a fringe wing of the group who wrap themselves in the flag and spout the unconstitutionality of the goings on in Washington D.C., though a very few have read the Constitution let alone know what it contains.  They are a group of extremists who now have the conservative representatives at their beck and call.  A group who places party before country and recklessly drives forward with ideologies that are neither forward thinking nor what’s best for their fellow citizens.  What other explanation could they put forth for their vehement struggle to kill a bill which has become the law of the land, which strives to insure the medically uninsured, to give health care to those among us who now have none?  A bill that was challenged all the way to the highest court in the land and subsequently upheld by a vote cast by the right wing Chief Justice, John Roberts.  Their agenda is short sighted, ill thought out and at times downright dangerous.

Perhaps the only consolation in having the Tea Party whistling the tune to which the Republican party dances is the fact that this may well speed up the demise of a group who has far outlived its usefulness.  To speed along the process of driving the party of ‘no’ to that place where they deserve to be………the void in which they placed themselves.