Dems, Today You Will Smile From Ear to Ear

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Because today is going to be a full day of Donald Trump being as racist as only he can be. For you Bernie people, you will have your target billionaire who represents everything you detest about rich people. For you Hillary people, you have your target who represents everything you detest about racists. For all Democrats, you will have the man who represents the id of the Republican Party on full display. Thousands in Phoenix are expected to attend:

Trump’s campaign announced Friday afternoon that there were 500 free tickets being released “due to the overwhelming amount of support” the presidential candidate has received. By Friday evening, the ticketing website said only wait list spots were available.Dan Scavino Jr., with Trump’s presidential campaign, tweeted Friday that once the new tickets are gone “we will have reached our maximum capacity” for Saturday’s event at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Officials are expecting more than 5,000 attendees.

Appearing with him will be America’s most corrupt, racist sheriff Joe Arpaio. Before that though, he will head to Vegas to speak to another group of despicable men at a Libertarian Convention. It will be a whole weekend of Trump.

But the juicy thing about all this for Dems is that the Democrats will have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders responding on Monday at La Raza:

Over the next five days they will attend a conference sponsored by the National Council of La Raza at Bartle Hall, this national group intends to promote the positive aspects of the Latino culture while providing valuable resources to Hispanic leaders.Some of the conference is open to the public. There will be free health screenings and a family expo. It  is expected to attract more than 40,000 people to downtown Kansas City.

Democratic presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will fly to town Monday to speak at the conference.

Organizers say they invited all of the Republican presidential candidates to the conference, but they all declined to attend. La Raza officials believe one reason might be because immigration is such a hotbed issue.

Hillary Clinton has shown so far in this campaign she is absolutely willing to punch hard at Republicans by name. I expect both she and Sanders will have plenty of material to knock Republicans hard after we have a weekend of Trump.

I’m smiling!


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos


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