‘Distractingly Sexy’ Female Scientists Launch Hilarious Campaign Mocking Nobel Laureate

Scientist Van Q. Truong showing off her #DistractinglySexy lab attire

#DistractinglySexy lab attire

By Jen Hayden, Daily Kos

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Tim Hunt created quite a stir this week after making comments at a conference for scientific journalists in which he said he prefers men-only labs because women fall in love and cry too much for his tastes. Aside from losing his job at the University College London, the first university in England to admit female students on the same terms as men, he sparked social media campaign from the ladies of science who’ve been hilariously mocking his comments with the #DistractinglySexy tag. Some of the more laugh out loud photos are below:From @JPournelle

Jennifer Pournelle


Scientist Rosie Woodroffe

From Van Q. Truong:

Van Q. Truong







And https://twitter.com/…


If you are looking for a #DistractinglySexy laugh today, by all means — make your way over to Twitter to see more of the hilarious #DistractinglySexy photos from female scientists around the world. Bravo, ladies!

Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos


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