Donald Trump Could go Nuclear in Seconds, and There’s no Mechanism to Stop Him

by Mark Sumner –

Retired Air Force General and former heard of the NSA, Michael Hayden, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Wednesday morning to discuss the election. And to discuss the topic that’s on everyone’s mind—namely is Donald Trump out of his mind.

Scarborough: What concerns you most about Donald Trump?

Hayden: How erratic he is. I can argue about this position or that position—I do that with the current president. But he’s inconsistent. And when you’re the head of a global superpower, inconsistency, unpredictability, those are dangerous things. They frighten your friends and they tempt your enemies.

Harold Ford: General Hayden, who among your peers do you know who’s advising Mr. Trump?

Hayden: No one.

Trump is blathering on about military matters from Africa to the Middle East to Eastern Europe to Asia, but he’s not bothering to get any advice from experts. Because he has a ‘good brain.’

But Trump did talk to someone, and the results of that conversation is the biggest boost the fallout shelter industry has gotten since the end of the Cold War.

Scarborough: Several months ago, a foreign policy expert went to advise Mr. Trump.  … Trump asked three times, in an hour briefing, ‘why can’t we use nuclear weapons?’

Mika Brzezinski: Be careful, America, and be careful Republican leaders. Your party is blowing up.

Scarborough: I want to ask … and it may be classified, but the steps. Donald Trump decides to use a nuclear weapon. What is the time frame between his decision and when the nuclear weapons are launched?

Hayden: Joe … the system is designed for speed and decisiveness, it’s not designed to debate the decision.

The nuclear keys are just that. If you have them, you’re driving the system. There’s no check on the president’s authority to launch. Donald Trump—whose primary concern in a security briefing is “if we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them” could use them. Without restriction. Without recall.

In the meantime, Joe Scarborough—who spent much of the last year providing Trump a daily platform followed by an hour of gung-ho support—seems less than pleased with General Election Trump, calling him “unhinged,” and wondering at the candidate’s unceasing tendency to lie even when it’s blindingly obvious to everyone that he’s lying.

Scarborough: There is nothing rational about any of this behavior … and I say this as someone who has known Donald for ten, eleven, twelve years. This is not rational behavior at all. It is as if he’s trying to blow himself up!

Well. Better him than everyone else.

Adam Parkhomenko @AdamParkhomenko

Terrifying. Please literally take two minutes today and watch this all the way to the end and pass it on.

Actually there is one thing that stands between Trump and using nuclear weapons to take out anyone who is insufficiently adoring—an election.