Donald Trump Gets Schlonged By His Own Ghost Writer, Who Refuses To Vote For Him (AUDIO)

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trump the america we deserveWhen Donald Trump “wrote” a book in 2000, he didn’t think it would come back to bite him on the ass.

But that book, and the man who actually wrote it, have surfaced to draw a picture of a Donald Trump who is doing the total opposite of what he said sixteen years ago.

Dave Shiflett did the heavy lifting on Trump’s book “The America We Deserve,” and during an appearance on Fox News Radio with Alan Colmes, the ghost writer slammed the Republican presidential wannabe for being a total asshole who has completely contradicted himself in an attempt to become the GOP nominee.

“I used to think it was my first work of fiction,” Shiflett said of the book before remarking that it’s hard to know where Trump stands on anything because he’s a thematic person.

Shiflett went on to describe how Trump used to hold very progressive views such as supporting single-payer healthcare and tax increases on the wealthy. He also mentioned how Trump ironically used to criticize Pat Buchanan for saying “too many outrageous and controversial things” to be considered a serious candidate for the presidency. In short, Trump once believed that being outrageous and controversial automatically disqualifies someone from being commander-in-chief, which means he would be disqualified himself since he has clearly adopted Pat Buchanan’s style.

And despite being Trump’s ghost writer, there is no way in hell that Shiflett is voting for him.

In the beginning of his campaign, Trump attacked Senator John McCain for being a POW during the Vietnam War, a war that Trump avoided by dodging the draft. McCain was captured after being shot down by enemy forces and he was then brutally tortured to the point where he can no longer lift his arms over his head. Shiflett has been angry about Trump’s treatment of McCain ever since, and for good reason.

“I’ll tell you what really bugs me about him, where it really ripped it with me and Trump was the stuff he said about McCain. McCain suffered severely, and I had a son who did two tours in Middle East during the last war and we had kids from here who went over there and some of them got hurt. They ain’t gonna be the same.”

Sounds like Trump’s criticism of McCain was the last straw for Shiflett, as it probably was for many Americans. The fact is that John McCain is a war hero who sacrificed for his country, something that Donald Trump refused to do when he had the same opportunity to fight during the war. Instead, Trump chose to dodge the draft through multiple deferments, including a questionable medical deferment.

Also, the fact that Donald Trump is using the Pat Buchanan playbook in his run for president is scary, especially since it appears to actually be working this time around 24 years after Americans rejected it when Buchanan sought the Republican nomination in 1992. This just shows how racist and sexist the Republican Party has become over the last two and a half decades.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info