Donald Trump Sees A ‘Society Changing’ Upside To The Ebola Outbreak

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Why Trump is so concerned about handshakes in the first place is unknown, but Trump obviously thinks society is better without them. One thing is for sure–the real estate mogul is extremely worried about the Ebola “epidemic,” and uses much of his Twitter feed to complain about how President Obama is handling it. Here are just a few of Trump’s recent tweets concerning the Ebola virus:
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Admittedly, it’s a bit difficult to take Trump’s Twitter account seriously these days. Just last week, the billionaire unknowingly retweeted a photo of two of Great Britain’s most famous serial killers, simply because someone claimed that they had been heavily influenced and inspired by Trump.
Photo Credit: Donald Trump / Facebook

Photo Credit: Donald Trump / Facebook

The truth of the matter is, Trump’s ego loves the attention and will do/say anything to get more of it. As he continues to spew his ramblings over social media, it’s clear that he can’t share a single thought without spreading more unnecessary panic or just coming off like a complete jerk. May plenty of handshakes exist in his future.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info