Donald Trump Shares Racist Tweet About Jeb Bush’s Mexican Wife

It’s hard to believe that Donald Trump could make the Republican party look like any more of a circus, but he’s done it again. Although the GOP presidential hopeful recently confessed that he was surprised at the amount of backlash he received for his racist “rapist” statements about Mexican immigrants last month, he doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson.

On the 4th of July, Trump celebrated independence and patriotism by once again dissing immigrants, and insulting GOP competitor Jeb Bush and his wife. He did so by tweeting the following insensitive comment on Twitter:

 “#JebBush has to like Mexican illegals because of his wife.”

Trump tried to backtrack his way out of it, but the tweet was up for an entire day before he had the sense to take it down. Here’s a screenshot, captured by Gabe Ortiz:

Columba Bush, Jeb’s wife, was born in Mexico and has been a United States citizen since 1979. Jeb Bush has already made it known that he takes Trump’s statements about Mexican immigrants personally, and has been known to be sensitive to the issues undocumented immigrants face. Of all of the Republican candidates, Bush has been more supportive of immigration reform, so he’ll definitely have something to say about this. When he speaks up, Ted Cruz will probably come to The Donald’s rescue like he did last time.

Judging from Trump’s recent statements and actions, it’s obvious that Trump retweeted Heilbron’s tweet in complete agreement. Looking back, Trump has quite the history of supporting horrible things via retweets. Late last year, Trump’s ego-driven idiocy caused him to retweet a photo of two serial killers because a Twitter user told Trump he “inspired” them.

With Donald Trump currently in second place among the numerous Republican presidential candidates, does the GOP have any hope at all for securing the Latino vote?

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info