‘Duck Dynasty’ Ratings Down 50% After Accusations of Fakery, Racism and Homophobia

800px-Willie_RobertsonRatings of A&E’s popular “Duck Dynasty” show are starting to tank. At first it seemed like a fluke, a coincidence. But now a downward trend has emerged and it is clear: viewers are tuning the show out. 

There are several factors at play in causing the show’s ratings to tank. The infamous racist and homophobic comments of “Duck Commander” Phil Robertson were certainly one cause. But many regular viewers were not shocked by anything he had to say in the now notorious GQ interview.

In the wake of that controversy, we brought you numerous photos demonstrating that the cast of the popular A&E “reality” show “Duck Dynasty” were faking it for the cameras. Specifically, we showed that few of the cast actually sported the unruly facial hair that became part of the Duck Dynasty brand before the show and it’s forerunner. 

Far from the scandal that “Duck Commander” Phil’s racist and homophobic statements were, the actors being exposed seemed to have hit the show harder with its base.

Many who watched Duck Dynasty were not going to stop watching because of the revelation that Phil thought homosexuality was a sin. Even his comments about marrying underage girls didn’t phase many regular viewers. Most were not surprised at his racist comments as well. The revelation that the Robertson family was putting on an act for the cameras, however, did help to kill the buzz over the show among those who imagined they were watching “reality” television.

To those who followed the story closely, this should have come as little surprise. One of the stars of the show, Phil Robertson has also said that a TV team in Los Angeles are actually the ones who “arrange the scenes” for the show. Each scene itself is arranged and orchestrated. The Robertsons themselves have limited input on what the scenes will be, though they have developed their individual characters.

Phil even said that the producers insert fake “bleeps” when they speak, to spice up the conversations:

“The inserted fake bleeps … like somebody had used profanity, but no one had used profanity. I ask those guys that produce the show … ‘What’s the point of the fake bleeps?, of course these people probably thought that there was some profanity going on which there was zero. If we’re not using profanity, why make it look like we’re using profanity? What is the point? Why don’t you just run it and say what we say?”

duck dynastyNow the show’s long-time viewers are starting to tune out. When the show returned for their fourth season last year, 11.77 million people watched the premier episode. Season five, however, debuted with only 8.5 million viewers. By the second episode, ratings had dropped even more, to 6.65 million viewers.


(Article by M.B. David) Reprinted with permission from Political Blind Spot