Earliest Police Report from Ferguson is Released and Conflicts with Darren Wilson’s Testimony Leaks

by Shaun King –

On October 21, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch released the official autopsy results for Mike Brown. Accompanying the autopsy was an analysis and commentary from forensic scientist Dr. Judy Melinek. Her commentary actually made more news than the results of autopsy itself.Tucked away inside of the full autopsy report is an initial statement of Darren Wilson’s perspective as told by Detective Patrick J. Hokamp of the St. Louis County Police Department. It is the first known statement from a detective who was actually on the scene soon after the shooting and appears to have been given to the medical examiner soon after the shooting. What’s most surprising isn’t necessarily what is included in this statement, but some glaring omissions when compared up against recent statements purported to be from Darren Wilson’s testimony to the grand jury.Below you will find the statement from Detective Hokamp from the scene of the shooting and Darren Wilson’s alleged testimony recounting what took place.

Here is the initial report Detective Hokamp provided about the confrontation and shooting death of Mike Brown at the hands of Darren Wilson. It can be found on Page 2 of the official autopsy report.

The deceased and another individual were walking down the middle of Canfield. Officer D. Wilson (DSN-609), of the Ferguson Police Department observed the two individuals, he requested that they get out of the roadway.The deceased became belligerent towards Officer Wilson. As Officer Wilson exited out of his patrol vehicle the deceased pushed his door shut and began to struggle with Officer Wilson, during the struggle the officers weapon was un-holstered. The weapon discharged during the struggle.

The deceased then ran down the roadway. Officer Wilson then began to chase the deceased. As he was giving chase to the deceased, the deceased turned around and ran towards Officer Wilson. Officer Wilson had his service weapon drawn, as the deceased began to run towards him, he discharged his service weapon several times.

This account given by Detective Hokamp, the earliest on record, even if just a summary of the encounter between Mike Brown and Darren Wilson, is missing core details that are conspicuously absent but appear in several leaks reported months after the shooting.Below is the most recent recounting of the August 9 encounter with Mike Brown allegedly given by Darren Wilson via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Please notice five key discrepancies between the two accounts.

1. Detective Hokamp, in his record from the day of the shooting, says nothing of Darren Wilson hearing a radio call about a robbery with suspects matching Mike Brown’s description, as Wilson does in his own statement weeks later. Months later, Wilson allegedly recounts it this way:

After Brown passed by, Wilson realized that Johnson’s clothing matched a recent radio alert about a suspect in a robbery at a nearby market where cigarillos had been taken.

2. Detective Hokamp, in his record from the day of the shooting, says nothing of Darren Wilson pulling away from Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson and then reversing his car to confront them. Months later, Wilson allegedly included this in his account of the day:

Wilson backed up his SUV to Brown and Johnson. The source said Wilson told investigators he had placed the SUV in park.

3. Detective Hokamp, in his record from the day of the shooting, says nothing of Darren Wilson being beaten so badly that he nearly lost consciousness, as Wilson allegedly does in his own statement weeks later:

During the struggle, Brown handed the cigarillos to Johnson, then swung his left hand and hit Wilson on the right side of the face. Wilson said he almost lost consciousness.

4. Detective Hokamp, in his record from the day of the shooting, states that the gun “discharged” during the struggle. Darren Wilson, in his alleged account below, admits to firing two shots at Mike Brown from the SUV:

The second time Wilson pulled the trigger, the gun did fire. Wilson told investigators he thought the bullet had struck Brown in the hand, the source said. Broken window glass was everywhere, and blood was on the door, the gun and Wilson’s hands. At the time, Wilson said, he wasn’t sure whose blood it was.The struggle continued, and Wilson attempted to pull the trigger twice more. The source said Wilson thought Brown’s hand may have interfered again. Wilson was able to fire a second shot, and Brown ran.

5. Detective Hokamp, in his record from the day of the shooting, reports that Darren Wilson fired “several” shots at Mike Brown, all while Mike Brown was charging at him.  Audio from that day appears to have Darren Wilson shooting at least 11 shots at Mike Brown with a three-second pause between shots 7 and 8.It’s easy to understand, when comparing the discrepancies between the account of Detective Hokamp on the scene that day and the alleged account of Darren Wilson months later, why concerned citizens would think Wilson injected key details later to aid in his own defense.

If Darren Wilson put his SUV in reverse to confront two men he believed to be involved in a robbery, why did Detective Hokamp not include such a key statement in his report?

If Mike Brown punched Darren Wilson so hard that he nearly lost consciousness, why was such a harsh assault of a police officer not included in the report from Detective Hokamp?

Why did Detective Hokamp vaguely report that the gun mysteriously discharged in a struggle when it is clear that Darren Wilson fired each and every shot from his weapon?

Ultimately, the report from Detective Hokamp raises just as many questions as it gives answers about exactly what happened between Darren Wilson and Mike Brown.

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