Elizabeth Warren HILARIOUSLY Continues Battle With Trump, ROASTS Reputation With Women (VIDEO)

by Sarah –

If you haven’t heard about the ongoing battle between Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren then you’re clearly living under a rock, or possibly a newborn baby. They’ve been going back and forth on Twitter, in speeches, and every time he tries to call her “goofy” or “Pocahontas” (because he’s apparently five years old) she smacks him down harder and harder.

During her commencement address at Suffolk University this past weekend, Warren went after him yet again.

Taking a brilliant dig, because let’s face it, she’s brilliant, Warren said:

“How’s this speech polling so far? Higher or lower than Donald Trump’s unfavorable numbers with women?”

If you weren’t aware, Trump isn’t doing so well with women, polling at 70% unfavorable. But can we be all that surprised? He’s very misogynistic, constantly calling women names, and him going after Warren and then Hillary Clinton for actually being a woman, is just another example of that.

Something tells me Warren isn’t about to let up any time soon. Trump can try his name-calling games, but when it comes to strong women who have had to fight twice as hard to get half as much recognition their whole lives, he’s in for a big surprise. Those games may work on weak Republican men, but just you wait. Just. You. Wait.

Watch her whole speech here:


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info