Elizabeth Warren On Skipping 2016: ‘I’m Doing The Work I Should Be Doing’

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Even Elizabeth Warren knows she is needed more in the Senate. Earlier, I proposed that progressives get out and vote Democratic in next year’s election so we can take back the Senate and make Warren the next Senate Majority Leader.

The senior Senator from Massachusetts responded very candidly to The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza when he challenged her on why she’s not running for President of the United States:

“You think I’m not forcing a debate? Call me back in a year and ask me what type of debate we’re having….I’m doing the work I should be doing.”

The New Yorker’s lengthy, but very in-depth, profile of Warren said:

Warren insists that she can have more influence as a senator than by running against Clinton in the primaries. “I think right now I’m using the best tools to make change,” she told me. When she got into politics, she said, “first, it was for my own family and my children, then a little bit bigger, for my brothers and to take care of my mom and dad, and then my students, and then my work about what’s happening to families just like mine all over this country. I’m still working on exactly the same things, and I’m working on the best possible way to make change.”

As usual, I wholeheartedly agree with Warren. While Republicans play games with nominees and influence Democrats to derail the Iran talks and support the Trans Pacific Partnership, Warren’s firebrand populism is exactly what the Senate needs. Even Warren’s aids agree the she couldn’t beat the Clinton machine in the primaries, so why not use her energy to make meaningful change in the Senate?

Just a few days ago, Warren gave a seminar at the Levy Economics Institution criticizing the rollbacks to the Dodd-Frank Act and calling for a 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act:

“If banks want access to government-provided deposit insurance, they should be limited to boring banking. If banks want to engage in high-risk trading, they can go for it — but they can’t get access to insured deposits and put the taxpayer on the hook for some of that risk. It’s that simple.”

“So what should we do about ‘too big to fail’? End it, once and for all. How? First, break up the biggest banks.”

With a Republican majority in Congress, that’s the kind of Senator we need now more than ever. Warren isn’t stupid, she knows exactly what she can do – and can’t do.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info