Epic: “When some Dr. Dude tries to school you in health care systems and you are having none of it…”

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Dr. Jennifer Gunter, an OB/GYN and pain physician, who blogs on health matters, posted an epic response to, as she puts it: “when some Dr. Dude tries to school you in health care systems and you are having none of it”.

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When some Dr. Dude tries to school you in health care systems and you are having none of it

Commenting on her blog post questioning why Dr. Harold Bornstein failed to disclose his patient Donald Trump is taking medications, specifically Propecia, Dr. Terry Clark whined about her “negativity” toward Trump:

2 thoughts on “Why did Trump’s doctor fail to disclose Trump was taking Propecia before the election?”

  1. Jen, Is there ANYTHING about Trump that you like or are you going to complain and bitch for the next 4 years? Just curious. Your negativity is nauseating! Maybe you would be more comfortable back in Canada with its deplorable and poorly accessible single payer joke? T. Clark M.D. ( medical school honors graduate with special expertise in international health care systems).

    I teach a course on US HC vis a vis other international HC systems. US health care, as you know, is the best in the world, bar none.


    • Hey Terry, unlike you I find a man who brags about groping women, who lied and masqueraded as a PR person (I mean what fucking kind of pathology drives a grown-ass man to do that? Have you even asked a psychiatrist about that because I have), who enacts harmful bans on travel based on nothing factual, who grades and mocks women for their looks, and who led chants of “lock her up” to be disgusting and quite frankly an affront to humanity.

      A man who thinks women should be punished for abortion is foul. Ever pulled a fetal skull out of the abdomen after a botched clandestine abortion Terry? I have. Did they teach you about that in your little international health care course and about the 30-40% sepsis rates from illegal unsafe abortions in Ghana? If you has learned about the hardships women face in 3rd world countries without access to highly reliable affordable contraception you might be more concerned about a President and Vice President who think that model is great for American women. Perhaps you only studied the care rich people receive in other countries or maybe you think women deserve what they get because they should have just abstained?

      You must not see patients, because if you did you would hear how glad they are to have health insurance and how worried they are to lose it. How many women asked you this week if they should switch to an IUD because some asswipe Republican who doesn’t understand the mechanism of action might get it erroneously classified as an abortifacient and kicked off their health plan? I’ve been asked three times this week in this amazing 1rst world country about that.

      If the ACA is repealed and the preexisting clause goes my children will be uninsurable. My son needs his THIRD heart surgery in 5 years. What if it is considered a preexisting condition Terry, then what? Tough fucking luck for him having pulmonary valve stenosis, an ASD, and shitty lungs? But it’s just not my own children and their fate that keeps me up at night, it’s the fate of everyone. Is empathy not a requirement at US HC?

      In 2004 my twin boys each exhausted their oxygen benefits by May. Is that the great health care system you are speaking of Terry? What does one do if one has no money and can’t qualify for Medicaid, ration oxygen? Pick one in a Sophie’s Choice kind of way? Go into debt? Do tell.

      Seeing women die from cervical cancer because they couldn’t afford a Pap smear, because I have seen that, doesn’t mean we have the best care it means many people get 3rd world care because miserable sods like you either don’t think they exist or don’t care enough to do some basic research. I spent a year working in an inner city health department in Kansas because no American doctor would do it because it paid so little. Women took two or three buses because it was the only way they could actually afford to see a doctor. Is that the great health care system you are speaking of?

      Have you worked in Canada? I had a free nephrectomy, my mom had two free hip replacements and 4 months in rehab when she had a complication after the 2nd one, and my dad had a free femoral bypass procedure with 2 months in rehab because he developed a femoral nerve palsy from a surgical complication. They got a home Geriatric psychiatric assessment and PT/OT assessment covered by the Province to help determine if they were safe. Of course Canada isn’t perfect, but most people don’t fucking sit up at night worried about their medical bankruptcies. What percentage of bankruptcies in the United States are due to medical expenses Terry? Did they teach you that in your medical school or are the honors kids above that drivel?

      You get to have your opinions and if you support an ill informed boor who hopes to punish women, judge them by their looks, curtail LQBTQ rights, and thinks fat shaming is cool then I am glad to not have you soil my blog with your miserable, soulless eyes.


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