Even Fox News Calls Out ‘Clinton Cash’ Author For His Lies And Lack Of Evidence (VIDEO)

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Now that the world knows the author of Clinton Cash is a serial liar who embellished the amount of money Hillary Clinton actually made (and provided a hoax press release to help him in his “research”), one would expect conservatives to naturally flock to him.

However, Chris Wallace, who hosts Fox News Sunday, isn’t buying it either.

When Peter Schweizer attempted to smear Hillary by “pointing out” that she approved a deal with the Russians to buy up U.S. uranium, Wallace quickly interjected, reminding Schweizer that Clinton did not act unilaterally. Rather, Wallace contended, the uranium deal was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States which encompasses nine different federal agencies:

“It’s not just the State Department. It’s nine separate agencies… There is no hard evidence — and you don’t cite any in the book — that Hillary Clinton took direct action, was involved in any way in approving, as one nine agencies, the sale of the company.”

When Schweizer tried to interject that Clinton could have stopped the deal, Wallace cut him off, saying:

“You don’t have a single piece of evidence that she was involved in this deal, that she sent a memo to the State Department person that was on this committee and said, ‘Hey, we want to approve the uranium sale.”

Schweizer responded:

“I am a journalist. I don’t have access to government records. I certainly don’t have access to her emails, which it doesn’t seem like anybody does. But the fundamental question is, with this deal and with the others we cite in the book, is it coincidence in a pattern that we see repeated dozens of times where large Clinton supporters have business before the State Department, they make large payments and favorable actions are taken?”

Yes, Schweizer is a journalist. A journalist who has a long track record of making outrageous accusations against Democrats that he has had to retract due to lack of evidence. What I find coincidental is the fact that Schweizer makes a living off of lying and here he is again, lying and drumming up meritless accusations about Hillary Clinton. The public didn’t believe his lies then why should they believe it now?

Watch the exchange here:


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info