FBI Directs Media to Leave the Area of Militant Standoff (VIDEO)

by Jen Hayden –

The remaining armed militants at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge vow that they will continue to fight until the end. The FBI asked the media to leave the area at approximately 7:45 AM PT. The militants have been running a live stream video from the refuge off and on overnight and into the morning after news of the arrest of Ammon Bundy and crew reached them. They have repeatedly made definitive statements that they are prepared to die at the refuge.

While they appear to be scattered around on patrols and at different stations throughout the refuge, one man positioned near the live stream camera could be heard calling his mother, telling her that he loves her and that he believes this is the second American revolution. He noted his wife is there, fighting along with him. He called her a “great American woman.” He stopped numerous times to look into the camera and address the people watching the live stream, calling for others to “Get there and get some!” and saying those law enforcement who try to stop them aren’t abiding by their oath and are the enemy. He later used even stronger words: “Don’t be afraid of those roadblocks, drive up there and shoot them. They are dishonorable.” Video of his deadly rant is below.

The militants remain convinced that reinforcements, including a group of retired Navy Seals are on their way to save and/or fight with them until the end. They spoke of the retired seals arriving by land, water and air. Meanwhile, several miles out, the roads are heavily barricaded by the law enforcement:

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Serious roadblock 6 miles from refuge south of Crane #OregonStandoff @Oregonian

It is unknown how many militants remain at the refuge. Fewer than a dozen have been seen on the live stream, but the camera is in a stationary spot. Despite pleas for cooler heads, the men and women at the refuge seem intent on going down in a firefight with law enforcement.

Let’s hope they reconsider and lay down their weapons to surrender. Stay tuned for updates.

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016 · 2:08:01 PM EST · Jen Hayden

During a press conference, an FBI representative announced the people at the refuge are free to leave peacefully now, noting they need to do so through one of the checkpoints.

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016 · 2:15:10 PM EST · Jen Hayden

At the press conference, Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward said he’d been trying to “find a peaceful solution to this since Nov. 5” when these men first walked into his office. Said it has torn the community apart and it was time for it to end. Called for those involved in the illegal occupation to move on. Finished by saying “This can’t happen anymore. This can’t happen in Harney County, this can’t happen in America.”


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos