Florida Bear Hunting Permits May Outnumber Actual Bears In The State


There may be a bit of a supply and demand issue for the hordes of ammosexuals eager to spend a week shooting bears in the state of Florida — specifically, that the number of permits issued for a one-week bear hunt may actually outnumber bears living in the state. Florida’s ever-dwindling bear population  — with the black bear listed as a State Threatened Species throughout most of the state — may take a significant hit after the total bear population rebounded to a mere 3,000.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which approved the ill-advised hunt (the first in 21 years), set no limit on the number of licenses to be sold when they were placed on sale Monday. As of Thursday, 1,340 had been sold and the sale is slated to continue until October 23. With so long left in sales and a bear population of around 3,000, this will surely mean that more permits will be issued than bears.

Though the limit for total bears killed during the hunt is set to about 320 (or roughly 11 percent of the total bear population), wildlife officials do not see an issue with this — for any reason, including their decision to sell the $100 licenses to far more people than bears they expect to be killed or the fact that they are allowing a hefty percentage of the population to be wiped out by yee-hawing trophy hunters.

“Success rates for bear hunting are low, especially with the restrictions in Florida such as not using dogs or bait,” said Diane Eggeman of the wildlife commission’s hunting and game management division. “Based on information from other states, without the use of dogs or bait, the percentage of successful hunters ranges from 1 to 12 percent per season, with daily success rates much lower.”

Opponents of the hunt asked commissioners to delay the hunt until a new census of the bear population could be completed next June, but only one member agreed that it was a good idea to properly assess the damage this sanctioned murder spree would do to bears’ continued residence in the state.

Though bears are still in danger of being wiped out, James Conant says he bought his license to kill in an effort to control a population he feels is out of control. “I’m not a vicious killer of animals,” he said.

Another resident says he hunts everything the state allows him to, but he’s “always wanted to hunt” a bear to gain retribution for “the destruction they do to people’s homes and barns and dumpsters.”

While the more than 1,000 males and fewer than 100 females participating in the hunt are eager to do so, a lawsuit filed by Speak Up Wekiva may delay or halt this travesty altogether:

The fall hunt may be postponed or halted entirely by a lawsuit filed by Speak Up Wekiva, a Seminole County conservation group. The suit contends the hunt violates Amendment 5, a 1998 amendment that created the wildlife commission and outlined that its mission was to “conduct management, preservation and conservation decision-making based upon sound science.”

The suit says the commission failed to show scientific evidence that hunting will reduce interactions with humans, or that the bear population can sustain the hunt. The first thing Speak Up Wekiva is seeking is a temporary injunction to halt the hunt, Byrd said.

Even pants-shitting, draft-dodging pedophile Ted Nugent says he is excited to participate in the hunt:

“The reason there hasn’t been a bear season until now — even after more than 6,000 nuisance complaints — the reason we’ve waited so long is because of the scourge of political correctness dispensed by the idiots who claim the defenseless animals need protecting,” Nugent told the Orlando Sentinel. “Helloooo! It’s a [expletive] bear!”

Whether or not the hunt continues, it’s time for the denizens of Florida’s lone chain of Jellystone Park to lay low. It is doubtful that one would want to be dressed as Yogi (or Boo-Boo, for that matter) with Ted Nugent running loose in the state.

Watch a video of a vicious bear attack below, just because:

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info


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