Forbes: NABE Economy Experts Choose Hillary Clinton 4:1 Over Trump to Handle U.S. Economy

by Leslie Salzillo –


Prominent financial news group Forbes reported on Monday that a survey by economy experts who work for businesses, trade associations and government agencies across the country are “flatly” rejecting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The majority of NABE members (55%) feel former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would do the best job managing the U.S. economy. Trump received just 14% of the votes by 414 members. NABE director and survey chair LaVaughn Henry states that one of the most overwhelming reasons these conservative-to-moderate business economists chose Hillary over Trump is due to her “definitive plan” that has been out there for months — opposed to, “Just trust me.”

Another prominent reason for NABE’s opposition to Trump is his stated plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants.

On immigration, just 8% of respondents said they favor deportation of all undocumented immigrants (a keystone Trump policy); 80%, meanwhile, said they believe the government should expand visa programs, like the H-1B program, for high-skilled workers, and 64% said they favored a legalization process for undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S. When asked broadly how the next administration and Congress should be towards immigration, 61% of NABE members said the government should be more relaxed as to allow for increased immigration.

Forbes says this month’s survey/study is not the first time Trump and Clinton’s economic plans have come under scrutiny.

“A pair of analyses from Moody’s recently found that Trump’s proposals could potentially raise the deficit and hurt GDP growth, while Clinton’s had the potential to spur economic growth and lower unemployment.

Henry added that even though the survey didn’t mention names, many have said, “If one of the candidates wins, we may be in for a recession.”

Okay, so then we’ll mention it for them. That candidate would be Donald Trump.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos