Fox Guest Pummels Planned Parenthood Edited Video: ‘This Is Right-Wing Pornography’

Over the past week, a video has been circulating that deceptively shows a meeting with a Planned Parenthood doctor to allegedly “sell baby body parts.” Of course, this video was edited to hurt Planned Parenthood, because for some reason conservatives and their groups don’t like quality community health care to be readily available. They focus on abortion, which is only three percent of their services.

One of the biggest news outlets, and I use “news” loosely, which has been covering this story, is Fox News. Being the mouthpiece for the Republican party and everything conservative, they were quick to climb on board the deception train when it came to “revealing” this video.

One of the Fox News hosts to be seemingly visually disheartened by this “breaking” “discovery” of an “undercover” video of demonic proportions, was Megyn Kelly on her show The Kelly File.

On the July 15 edition of Kelly’s show she had on a number of guests, one of whom was Democratic Strategist Robert Zimmerman. Kelly lead into the segment with this to say, which, quite honestly is worthy of an Emmy nod:

“A number of media outlets defended Planned Parenthood attacking this video as a sting operation intended to make the group look bad. Well, on the other side, conservatives were outraged by what they saw. Writer Michelle Malkin posting an Op-ed that reads in part, “What kind of country do we live in where law-abiding business are fined, threatened and demonize for refusing to bake gay wedding cakes but barbaric baby butchers are hailed by feminist, Hollywood and a president who asks God to bless them.  God help us.””

Then guest and gun enthusiast Dana Loesh comments:

“She’s eating a salad and she’s talking about lungs and hearts and livers and appendages, arms and legs, just, you know, like it’s just a regular day and they are talking about parts for a car. This is how far we have sunk. Where is the humanity in this and where is the consistency in this, as well? There is all of this outrage from Planned Parenthood. But why would there be outrage? Why are they trying to spin it? If a life is a life then they have something to hide. But I don’t know. It infuriates me to the point where it makes me nauseous, Megyn. I was nauseous watching this video.”

Robert Zimmerman then cuts in with a whole boatload of knowledge:

“What infuriates me, Megyn — is the fraud behind this video. Let’s call it what it is. This is right-wing pornography. The same individuals who produced this video have been called out by the press repeatedly, mainstream and even conservative press, for the same individuals producing this film that you featured tonight have been nailed for producing films that have been misleading? Have been misleading, have been editing…”

Kelly keeps going on and on trying to say that the video is accurate and hadn’t been deceptively edited, and that all of Planned Parenthood’s responses are that they have sold baby body parts, only responding that it’s not illegal.

Zimmerman then shuts her down, telling her she is just flat-out wrong. Later in the broadcast he says:

Megyn, do you have any concern about how misleading and false this film is? How it creates false impressions and there’s nothing more than a scam.”

Kelly then goes full-on dramatic and literally asks Zimmerman:

“Where is your humanity on this Robert? Where is your humanity on this?!”

Oh, the humanity!!!

Zimmerman responds:

“Well, what the people who produced the film said was false.”

A lot of jibber jabber then continued with Zimmerman unable to break the misinformation bubble that surrounds all of Fox News. He then says:

“This documentary was condensed, it was edited, it was misleading and Forbes magazine and other national media called them out for that.”

Where Kelly then says:

“Okay. We are going to leave it at that…. It is obviously a loaded issue and it is a tough issue. And normally we don’t go to the darkest place on this show but that video needed to be discussed.”

With Zimmerman shutting her down once more:

“As do the facts around that video and misleading representation.”


Fox News has no interest in facts, they only have interest in what sells to their viewers. They know their viewers loathe Planned Parenthood, because their viewers are Republican with Republican politicians telling them to hate it, because their donors don’t want community healthcare accessible. It’s all just one big giant machine and Fox is an integral cog in that machine.

If you’d actually like the FACTS about the Planned Parenthood video and all that’s being discussed surrounding it, you can find those facts HERE.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info



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