Georgia ‘Guns Everywhere’ Law Nearly Results In Deadly Showdown On First Day In Effect

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Once again, the conservative state of Georgia is in the news for something that is yet another sign of terrible consequences to come.

Earlier this year, Georgia Republicans passed a law that allows people to carry guns with them virtually anywhere in the state, including bars, playgrounds, schools, some government buildings, and convenience stores. The Georgia Safe Carry Protection Act went into effect on July 1st and an unsafe incident has already occurred.

The situation that occurred at the Enmark convenience store in Valdosta, Georgia on Tuesday wasn’t exactly an unexpected one. In fact, gun control advocates can tell the NRA and conservatives we told you so. It all started when a man with gun in holster walked into the store to purchase some items. It was all innocent enough until a second customer, 62-year-old Ronald Williams, walked in the store with his own weapon. Williams pulled his gun on the first man and twice demanded to see his ID and carry permit. The first man told Williams that he wasn’t obligated by law to show anyone his permit. He then paid for his items, walked outside, and called the police who arrested Williams for disorderly conduct with a firearm.

According to Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress, “Essentially, it involved one customer with a gun on his hip when a second customer entered with a gun on his hip.” The showdown ended without a shot being fired or blood being spilled, but it could have been a tragedy. Had the first man not had a cool head, he could have drawn his own pistol, thus turning the Enmark convenience store into a deadly shootout at the OK Corral. And if Williams had been crazier, he could have shot the first man right then and there for refusing to obey his demands.

The Georgia ‘guns everywhere’ law doesn’t create more good guys with guns. It just makes everyone look like a bad guy with a gun. Most ammosexuals are already paranoid by nature. They believe the government is coming for their guns and that they need to carry guns to protect themselves from killers. But how is one supposed to identify real threats when everyone is allowed to carry a gun in public? If anything, it just makes gun nuts more paranoid than they already were in the first place. As a result, an increase in showdowns is more likely. “This is an example of my concern with the new gun law that people will take the law into their own hands which we will not tolerate,” Chief Childress said.

Another big issue is that police are forbidden by law to ask anyone carrying a gun to show their permits and licenses. So, to recap, Georgia Republicans passed a law allowing everyone to carry guns at will because they think more guns will prevent shootings. But the real good guys with guns are no longer allowed to check and see if a person they encounter is carrying a gun illegally. Again, how can we stop bad guys with guns if everyone is carrying guns and the police can’t actually determine who is a potential threat? Any convicted felon could walk around with an illegal weapon and the police can’t do anything about it because they aren’t allowed to ask to see permits. In fact, it’s so easy to get a gun in Georgia that it’s now harder to buy a vibrator than to purchase a gun.

Of course, other shooting incidents have occurred in Georgia prior to this, including one at a gas station where a man shot his own penis while trying to holster his weapon. Perhaps more incidents like this will spur Republicans into repealing this new gun law since it’s clear they’re more sympathetic to man parts than they are towards lady parts. Because it’s doubtful they’ll repeal it otherwise.

Georgia residents should prepare themselves for the Wild West their state is turning into. From now until this law is finally repealed, every person carrying a gun in public is a potential danger to them and their families. Anyone can get their hands on a gun and carry it around with impunity. And there’s nothing the police can do until it’s too late to act. The lines between good guy and bad guy are now blurred and the day you and your family walks into a convenience store could be the day two morons actually draw down on each other and start firing all because they think the other is a bad guy. Then Georgia will make the news again in an even worse way.

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