God Teams Mike Huckabee Up With The Duggars For One Of Those Not-So-Free ‘Free DVD’ Scams

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Mike Huckabee took quite a bit of flack for defending his “good friends,” the Duggars, after it came out that Jim Bob and Michelle handled their son’s molestation of their daughters like a puppy who couldn’t stay out of the pantry — by locking the door. Huckabee tried to keep things between the zealots — famous for nothing, but a healthy ovum and a lack of self-discipline — as distanced as possible for as long as possible, but when you’re spun on the same wheel of crazy, you’re bound to find each other in the end.

That seems to be exactly what happened, as Mike Huckabee has once again teamed up with the Duggars, this time in a little entrepreneurial venture. The Huckster is peddling his own personal version of American History to the idiots who also thought him backing Kim Davis was a good idea.

Duggar family promotes Mike Huckabee's 'free' dvd

It’s the old-school Columbia CD scam, repackaged with a political goal, aimed at the ignorant who are still willing to give scam artists, like the Duggars, their money. The Duggars, you see, are selling this awesome product load of crap right on their Facebook page, complete with a custom URL that shows they are, in fact, commissioned salespeople working for the company:

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I’ts more than a year away but there is already so much talk about the presidential election! If your kids are starting to ask questions about how the whole process works, there’s a great animated video that explains it all. It’s called Election Day: Choosing Our President, and it will teach your kids all about how we pick the president! This fun video is so important, they are giving it away for FREE at freeelectiondvd.com/duggars

But please don’t wait. There are only a li

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Yes, please don’t wait! There are a limited amount! Limited to the number of idiots who will give the world’s most notorious scam artists their money. These people don’t seem to understand that it’s time to stop trying to be profitable because of your name, which is now completely disgraced, and go get jobs.

This is the perfect pairing of utter ignorance: Mike Huckabee, convinced that the Supreme Court has no authority to rule on things that he doesn’t like, and the Duggars, convinced that even though they are the laughingstock of the television industry and think they are still relevant, are an absolute match made in Arkansas Heaven. Yeehaw.

Hopefully, they’ll let Josh out of the storm cellar, and fly Jill back from not being a missionary in El Salvador to celebrate their newly found good fortune.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info