GOP Congressman Enraged By Tea Party Nut Jobs: ‘The Crazies Have Taken Over The Party’ (VIDEO)

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When Speaker Boehner announced he was leaving, not only the third most powerful seat in the country, but Congress altogether, emotions were mixed on both sides of the aisle. Before his press conference, pundits across the country speculated about his reasoning, debated his replacement and discussed what happens next.

Democrats couldn’t help but applaud the departure of the Speaker; it represents not only the end to an obstructionist conservative, but the implosion of his party. After some consideration, the idea that John Boehner may have been a more reasonable choice than whoever may replace him became apparent. Who would be next in line to bow to the Tea Party? Would Kevin McCarthy step up? How about Paul Ryan? What if they decide to give in to the extremists and put a Trey Gowdy or Louie Gohmert up there?

Suddenly John Boehner didn’t look so horrible.

On the Republican side, there was disbelief from at least one of the members of the caucus. Rep. Peter King of New York expressed sadness that the extremist minority of his party was able to achieve the removal of a public servant in a constitutional post who had done nothing wrong. He remarked that it was the first time in history something like this had happened and that “the crazies have taken over the party.”

The “crazies” in question, the Tea Party extremists and religious zealots the Republican party has had to embrace to replace a dying base of seniors, immediately became drunk with power over Boehner’s announcement. Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.), who is no friend to Boehner or anyone with half a brain, warned that the crazies are not to be taken lightly. According to The Hill:

“A co-founder of the conservative Freedom Caucus has a warning for any Republican hoping to replace outgoing Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio): No one will get the promotion without our blessing.
Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.), a sharp critic of Boehner, said Friday that there are roughly 40 members of the group – and another 20 conservatives outside of it – who won’t back any new Speaker who fails their litmus test for conservative purity. And the group’s leadership endorsements, he warned, will be ‘a collective, corporate decision.’”
The departure of John Boehner may seem like a win, but in the end we still have to deal with the idiots who made it happen.

Watch Peter King’s reaction to John Boehner’s announcement:


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