GOP Governor’s Adult Daughter Lived In Trailer On Mansion’s Lawn For Months – Forced To Move

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Few parents would disagree with the love, support and argument Republican Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin offered in response to criticism regarding her 28-year-old daughter, Christina, living in a trailer on the governor’s mansion’s grounds, complete with electric and water hook-up to the mansion, for the last three months. Fallin said:

“I love my family. My daughter is terrific. She’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s talented and if she comes and says, ‘Mom, I need some help,’ I’m not going to turn her down.

“If I’m 80, if she comes to me and says, ‘Hey mom, I need a temporary place to stay, I’m going to let her stay with me.”

That’s a beautiful and loving response from a parent lucky enough to be financially able to help her daughter in such a way, and is to be commended as a parent. However, taxpayers may feel differently, whether they admire Fallin’s move as a parent or not, because the governor’s adult daughter is living on taxpayer-funded utilities, and in a trailer, to boot!

According to The Oklahoman, Christina Fallin began living in the trailer last April, and the governor was very happy to have her daughter so nearby while she searches for long-term living arrangements.

How many homeowners in this “land of the free” do you think could have family members living in camping trailers in their yard without getting shut down, fined and shoved along? Most communities don’t allow such living conditions. Whether they should or shouldn’t is another matter, but most homeowners living in suburban or urban settings could never get away with that, let alone at a home as prestigious as the governor’s mansion. The poor are some of the most abused, invisible people one can find in the United States. They’d never be permitted to live in a camper in a family member’s driveway.

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But the Fallins are not poor (just look at that trailer!), and the governor counters:

“She would be using that electricity if she lived in the house, or if she got a drink of water out of the faucet, or if she flushed the toilet in the house.

“We’re just like any family, any American family, any Oklahoma family. Frequently you have children who may come back and forth in-between jobs, in-between college and between trying to find a place to live.”

Sure, of course governor, but those folks are not doing it on the taxpayers’ dime. Sure, your daughter would use the same amount of water and electricity living directly in the home with you, but taxpayers are not on the hook for paying for your adult children’s living quarters. Underage children is one thing, but one approaching 30 years old? No. Why not move in the entire extended family and everyone lives high on the hog while you’re in office, then?

It’s that entitlement mentality that folks are critical of, don’t you see? Taxpayers have no obligation to pay for your daughter’s water and electricity while she looks for a permanent home just because you feel that obligation as a parent. That’s entitlement clouding your thinking, and if you don’t have the taxpayers’ backs on something as small and simple and obvious as that, then how are they ever going to believe you do on the big things that really count?

Anyway, it’s very hard to believe that Gov. Fallin would sell her family home for the mere time she is in office to occupy the governor’s mansion. Young Fallin could not have hooked her trailer to your own private home’s electricity and water? You know, where you’d pay for that, not taxpayers? Or, perhaps she could even live in that home while you’re in the gov’s digs?

And who the hell paid for that trailer seems to be a pretty good question, while we’re at it. How much did that cost? And whom?

Due to the criticism the governor has begun to receive over the matter, however, Fallin made an appearance on local Oklahoma station KFOR, Tuesday, stating that the trailer would be moved from the mansion grounds as of Sunday, but not due to criticism or a city violation so much as due to a state commission code violation.

Gov. Fallin’s spokesperson, Alex Weintz, said the matter is governed by Oklahoma’s Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning District.

Great. Now, who is going to govern Governor Fallin’s fiscal choices?

Pull up a trailer and we’ll talk about it.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info


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