GOP Rep. Trent Franks: Legal Abortion Is Like Slavery (AUDIO)

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Another day, another offensive comparison to slavery from a GOP elected official. Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) went on the Family Research Council President Tony Perkins’ radio show this week to discuss his 20-week abortion ban. The ban, which passed the Arizona House of Representatives last week, includes a limited exception for rape and incest victims, but Franks didn’t even want that in there. Well, in discussing the issue on Perkins’ show, Franks said what most thinking people have known about all of these attacks on women’s reproductive health all along: That the purpose is to, quote, “completely undermine” Roe v. Wade. That isn’t all, though. Franks also said that he hopes to convince Americans to think as he does and to “realize that as a country, we’ve been here before,” when “African Americans were considered property.”

This is about as offensive as it gets. Comparing allowing a woman to control her body to one of the worst, most shameful and harmful atrocities in American history? I don’t even think these people realize what they are saying when they suggest such things. If they are going for shock value, they are certainly succeeding, but, somehow, I kind of think this man and those who think like him actually believe the incredibly stupid and disgustingly offensive nonsense they are spewing. Listen to the audio below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Franks had once joined his fellow ignorant GOPer Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin by saying in a hearing that pregnancy is a rare result of rape. He actually helped rape victims when this outrageous bill was being debated, though, because that was when the exception for rape and incest victims was added. However, unfortunately, a section mandating a 48-hour waiting period for all abortions was added. Franks said to Perkins on the matter:

“Now, many of your listeners, including this one, Tony, would do everything that we could to protect all unborn children, and the only thing that we would ever say should be an exception to taking the life of a child would be to save another life, which is, you know, a very, very unusual situation.”

Now read this, and understand what this means. This man, a man who makes our laws, actually doesn’t believe that there are many situations where a mother’s life is in danger. Further, bills like this and the people who champion them are disgusting because these so-called “small government” Republicans want to control our very bodies. It shouldn’t matter why a woman wants an abortion. That is between her and her doctor. This bill and its champions simply serve to re-victimize rape and incest victims by forcing them to carry fetuses that are the result of what is likely the worst experience of their lives. That is disgusting. That is the very opposite of freedom.

As if his previous remarks weren’t bad enough, Rep. Franks went on to make the slavery comparison:

“But the point is, if we protect these children, now we begin to really examine, once again, the development and the humanity and the pain-capable nature of these children to where I think it gives us a chance to completely undermine the Roe v. Wade structure and to realize that as a country, we’ve been here before,.”

“We were here, African-Americans were considered property, and somehow we rose up as a nation and turned back that evil. And now by the grace of God we’re going to turn back the evil of killing little children before they’re born.”

Rep. Franks, now that you have admitted to using the law to attempt to take away women’s hard-won ability to control our bodies, maybe you should re-think your “small government” stance. You want a government so small that it fits inside our vaginas and uteruses. That is the true evil, and to make the slavery comparison is completely beyond the pale.

That’s okay, though, because now that you’ve admitted just what you are trying to do, no woman in her right mind would ever vote for you again, except the ones who are stupid enough to truly want to be completely controlled by the government. I should hope that, here in 2015, that means absolutely no one. If voting for someone who has said the things you’ve said here, sir, doesn’t scare the hell out of people, well then, there’s no hope left for America.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info


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